Wallpaper creates 220,000 unique posters for its 20th anniversary

HP Inc has teamed up with Wallpaper to celebrate the magazine’s 20-year anniversary, with a groundbreaking campaign that reinvents digital poster production. The project used HP Indigo’s award-winning HP SmartStream Mosaic technology to create 220,000 unique commemorative posters, two of which were distributed with each issue of the publication this September.

Based on brand new designs from esteemed studio Spin, the customised posters are set to reach 93 countries worldwide. The designs have been produced in collaboration with print and communication specialist, F.E. Burman, at the company’s state-of-theart production facility in London on an HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press.

“For Wallpaper magazine’s landmark 20th birthday we wanted to create something special and unique that would impact each of our readers on a personal level,” commented Sarah Douglas, Creative Director, Wallpaper. “It’s a designer’s dream to be able to create this many original artworks and to push digital printing as far as we have with HP Mosaic. Working on this project with HP Indigo has been incredibly exciting and has inspired us to totally re-think our attitude and approach to print technology and the printing process.”

As Brook explains, the flexibility of the HP SmartStream Mosaic software enables designers to create a rich “visual language” to portray a brand’s identity, whilst the superior print quality of the HP Indigo 10000 enabled the designs to be translated perfectly on to paper.

According to François Martin, global head of Marketing, Graphics Solutions Business, HP Inc., the collaborative project was an ideal platform to demonstrate the power of print, “The entire project with Wallpaper epitomises how print can be continually reinvented to be ever more relevant and exciting, and to create entirely new, unprecedented possibilities.”

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