Rotary punching technology from Schobertechnologies used in 100 countries worldwide

Schobertechnologies GmbH, one of the leading specialists in the development, designing and manufacturing of rotary tooling, modules and complete specialty machines widely used in film, foil, packaging, nonwovens and paper converting industries, boasts of its products being currently used in over 100 countries worldwide.

Their high performance rotary punching modules are installed in most of the well known rotary printing machines and converting lines, slitter-winders and extrusion equipment and designed to produce tea bags and tags, price tags, ATB- and ATB2-tickets, boarding passes, wallets, parking tickets, bank notes, security labels, smart cards, test strips, meat tray inserts, security documents, vegetable wrapping foils, band aids and components for solar panels just to name a few. The extensive portfolio of Schobertechnologies even includes special machines such as the RSR rotary punching machine with a working width starting from 50 mm for precise punching of films and other difficult materials.

What all it includes?

The term rotary punching technology includes, in addition to precision tools, extensive peripherals among all high capacity modules, designed for installation in an existing processing machine or supplied with its own drive motor and control system, an efficient punch waste extraction designed for maximum operating speed, and particularly necessary in high-speed units, a bearing block cooling system.

Quality and performance…

The performance of these high precision units ranges for processing speeds of up to 1000 meters/min. and tool diameters of up to 600 mm, with working width of up to 2 meters. With production speeds rising, and higher quality requirements from end users, Schobertechnologies engineers have kept up with these demands, with further developments with their rotary punching tools and modules, all tooling is manufactured using the latest CNC technology.

Also new materials and combination of materials for punches/dies, punch bars/die bars have been successfully tested. The latest design of modules also incorporates innovative approaches with regards to lubrication, heat build-up, thermal expansion, run out and unbalance. These developments have led to a clean and burr-free punching performance even on film as thin as 15 μ.


The products of Schobertechnologies have found their application in all sectors of Rotary processing. In addition to the traditional sectors of paper, film and foil processing industries, new applications fields could be acquired in the medical, automotive, security, electronic, and pharmaceutical industry.

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