India’s continued “love affair” with BOBST gravure printing presses

2015 results for sales of its gravure printing presses in India confirm the continuing appeal of BOBST technology to leading Indian flexible packaging manufacturers. Last year, the Indian industry invested in eight printing lines from BOBST’s range of gravure solutions, including 4003, 5002 and 888 models. These machines join a total of 70 existing BOBST gravure printing presses for flexible materials already installed in India, these being made up of well over 500 individual print units. What makes BOBST gravure printing technology so appealing is that each solution in the comprehensive range delivers what customers wants in terms of the applications to be run on the line, their flexibility, sustainability, print quality, and operational efficiency — that is to say an ideal product/ customer fit.

“Given the fact that rotogravure is the predominant printing process for flexible packaging, and is such a buoyant segment of the industry, it has been a matter of pride for some years now that BOBST has maintained a market share of 70% of all imported electronic shaft gravure presses sold and installed in India,” says Nilesh Pinto, senior sales manager, Bobst India. “And even more so, when you consider that our market share is as high as 50% of the aggregate sales of both foreign and Indian electronic shaft gravure presses.”

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