APL organises seminar on LED UV in new Delhi

LED systems bring high energy efficiency, heat-less solid state LED UV curing to sheetfed offset lithographic printers. Gone are powder-filled pressrooms, expensive IR/ Hot Air dryers, marking problems and waiting for sheets to dry. With simple installations on nearly any type of press, it is helping customers reinvent their conventional sheetfed offset printing operations with stunning results and digital turnaround speed.

Faridabad-based APL Machinery organised a seminar on LED UV at New Delhi. Live demonstration of the recently installed LED UV lamp on a four-colour Komori sheetfed press at Infinity Advertising Services in Faridabad, was the star attraction of the event.

The event kicked off with a welcome address by Satish Bajwa of Pressline India Pvt Ltd, who mentioned that they are trying for first LED UV installation on a web press of one of their customers, followed by a presentation by Dr RK Panigrahi, director, MSME-Development Institute New Delhi, who informed about the various schemes favourable to printers. Sunil Garg, general secretary, AIFMP, also addressed the gathering.

newspaper deployed UV curing technology on its web offset Regioman press. While, Stephen Metcalf of Air Motion Solutions (AMS) informed that printing ink used in LED UV curing will soon be manufactured locally in India once the volume grows. APL represents AMS in India and has installed two LED UV lamps so far. Over 250 UV LED kits are installed worldwide. This is because mercury based UV lamps are banned in Europe and hence the rising number of installations of AMS LED-UV.

Prashant Atre of Toyo Ink Arets opined that the future is radiation curing UV, EB-electron beam and LED UV. While, Vinay Kaushal of Provin Technos informed that Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology has installed more than 190 LED UV printing presses around the globe, of which 140 are in Japan. He further said that a printer can save a lot by reducing paper wastage and electricity usage, which is possible through LED UV curing, which is even ecofriendly.

Vijay Adlakha of Infinity Advertising Services also shared his experience with the LED UV curing system on the Komori sheetfed press. AMS LED UV systems print and perfect at top press speeds in sheetfed offset lithographic printing. The results are superior to H-UV and UV, and offer exceptional results for immediate post production steps such as cutting, scoring and fabrication. On a concluding note, CP Paul of APL offered a subsidsy of Rs 15 lakh on LED UV lamp. He also offered that if the LED UV lamp does not work, they will take it back.

The event was supported by Provin Technos, Toyo Ink Arets India and Siemens. More than 250 delegates from different segments of the industry attended the conference.

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