New installations by Esko

L&E India Pvt Ltd, is a packaging resource company that helps brand owners design and execute their packaging materials across the country. In 2014, L&E India, in collaboration with SP TechPac Solutions in Kundli, purchased an Esko Kongsberg V20 sample making table. The sample making solution from Esko was a huge success. However, both companies quickly outgrew the arrangement and each needed an in-house sample maker of their own. Thus, in September 2015 L&E India bought a complete solution including Esko ArtiosCAD software and a Kongsberg V20 for its new office in Patparganj in New Delhi.

While, Delhi-based Alpha Flex, a prepress trade house, has now started producing digital flexo plates for labels, corrugation and flexible packaging. This is why the company has opted for the Full HD Flexo solution – a combination of software, optics in the CDI imager and a qualification by Esko that certifies the company’s skill sets and quality of plates. The complete Esko solution for flexographic plates offers a methodical delivery process and deployment along with a quick support for several application and production issues.

Right from the start, the company has chosen the most advanced digital flexo solutions: Esko software and a CDI Spark 4835 imager with high-resolution optics. The software includes Esko’s complete Suite 14 and Pixel Plus and the extensive hardware on the shop floor includes the Esko CDI Spark 4835 with high resolution optics and the Dupont Digiflow.

Karan Talwar, regional business manager of Esko in North India says, “We are pleased that Alpha Flex in New Delhi has established a flexographic prepress and platemaking plant that is totally on par with the best trade houses in India. It is a pleasure to install and bring up to speed an entire installation committed to state of the art technology. This project is a clear answer to the fast growing demand for quality flexo in North India.”

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