Three Indian companies shine at 2015 Annual Scodix Design Awards

Entries from around the world set new creativity and quality standards for digital enhancement applications. Scodix has announced the winners of the company’s annual Scodix Design Awards competition. With submissions from users worldwide, Scodix enlisted the keen eyes and technological understanding of a team of judges in perusing each entry on the floor of the Graph Expo 2015 show, held in early October in Chicago. The distinguished panel of judges rated submissions for design quality, production complexity, and overall appearance.

“English mathematician Karl Pearson once said, ‘It is the old experience that a rude instrument in the hand of a master craftsman will achieve more than the finest tool wielded by the uninspired journeyman.’ Our annual awards exemplifies what happens when master craftsmen are then granted access to the finest tools. It’s rewarding to see Scodix solution implemented by production professionals with such applied creative wizardry, especially when you realise the impact it’s having on their clients’ success worldwide,” notes Scodix CEO Roy Porat.

And the winners are…

This year’s applicants displayed work that represented every continent and just about every segment of the market, including direct mail, product packaging, fine arts, and commercial printing. This contest is crafted to identify the most creative work produced, by Scodix customers using Scodix Digital Print Enhancement technology.

All of the submitted entries projected professionalism, creativity, and a superior understanding of the power and potential impact of the Scodix post-press enhancement tools. The best of the best in each category this year are:

1. General Commercial Printing (GCP):

First Place: Premium Proposal
Cover Sheet for Housing
Company: Central Profix Co Ltd, Japan

2. Folding Carton / Packaging:

First Place: Tie Box – Hex Tie:
Hera, Puerto Rico
Second Place: Royal Marina
Package: DLW, France

3. Photo:

First Place: Wedding Fancy
Photobook: Printonica, India
Second Place: Wedding Ceremony
Album: Klick Digital Press
Surat, India

4. Technology – Special Materials / Media / Outcome:

First Place: Mi Amor Handmade
Jewelry Handbag: Best-Box,
Second Place: 100 Pipers Box
Samples: Chanakya Mudrak,

5. Publishing:

First Place: VIP Suit Catalogue:
SaeHan, South Korea.
Second Place: Areablu Edizioni
Book Cover – I Fratelli di Arpàd:
Grafica Metelliana, Italy

6. Design Brand & Promotion:

First Place: OFT Selfpromotion
piece of OFT GmbH:
OFT GmbH, Germany
Second Place: Exclusive
Leaflet for Nespresso: Prime
Rate, Hungary.

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