2016 is Print Olympics year!

Just like Olympics are held every four years, and the sportspersons and spectators eagerly await for them, the same is the case with drupa, which is now all set to stage in May this year. Though drupa is changing its cycle from four to three years after this edition, it will always have the repute of being the Olympics of the printing fair.

Manufacturers, service providers, printers and other industry visitors are all making a beeline for Dusseldorf in May, because it is the premier venue to show and see the best and the latest in the printing and allied fields. Major investment decisions by printers are made post-drupa. Manufacturers also unfold their latest technologies at this show because there can’t be a better place to do so.

The programme for drupa cube, the conference and event location at drupa 2016, has also been announced. The primary partner for development and delivery of innovative content for drupa cube 2016 is international innovation firm The Medici Group and its founder and CEO Frans Johansson, who will talk about the “out-of-the-box principle.”

Worldwide brands such as American Express, IBM, Nike, Volvo and The Walt Disney Company have already been drawing on the strategic expertise of The Medici Group. Now drupa is doing the same. The programme will appeal both to the print and media industry as well as to web agencies, brands and print buyers.

The year 2016 can therefore, said to be the Print Olympics year as the industry is bound to see a plethora of innovations, upgradations, alliances, investments and more.

We, at Print & Publishing, will keep you abreast with what to expect at drupa and how to benefit from this print extravaganza. There’s a lot to explore. So, don’t miss the chance to visit this mecca of printing industry.

Happy Print Olympics 2016!

Sonal Khurana
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