Complete rigid box making solution@PAMEX

At PAMEX, visitors can see a complete line of rigid box making solution at the stand of Zhongke India Private Ltd (E50). Here, Rohit Rajpal of Zhongke India Private Limited shares more about this unique solution. Zhongke India PvtLtd will showcase a complete line of rigid box-making solution, which will include a fully-automatic rigid box making machine, automatic grooving and corner-cutting machine, dry lamination machine, casemaker and automatic book-like box assembling machine.

Fully automatic rigid box making machine

The company will display Zhongke ZK-660 ANP, a fully automatic rigid box making machine. “It is useful for rigid set-up boxes such as shoe-box, shirt box, underwear box, gift box, food box, hardware box etc. It adopts PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracing system, touch-sensitive screen, achieving paper feeding, gluing, cardboard folding, spotting, automatic arm guiding, wrapping, and box coming out in one process. The entire processes are automatic. Compared with the traditional handmade production, the produce efficiency improves by 50 times,” told Rohit Rajpal of Zhongke India. Its feeding system feeds the paper wrap piece by piece automatically. Equipped with heat exchanging Gluing system, its Heat Sealed device equipped achieves corner sticking for cardboard in one process. While, the Spotter system achieves exactly position for unwrapped box and glued wrap by servomotor and vacuum suction belt conveyor, with precision error 0.5 mm.

Telling more about Zhongke Packaging Machinery Co, Rohit shared that the company started in 2002 in China and they have invented their own machines with advanced features. “We have already shipped seven machines in India, of which two or three might even be installed before PAMEX,” he shared. On asking about the after sales service, Rohit replied that since their company is a 50 percent partnership company with Zhongke Packaging Machinery Co, they have full support from them in terms of Chinese engineers. “We have marked four cities – Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi – where we will have our sale and service staff, both electrical as well as mechanical. Our Bangalore centre is already operational and two machines are set to be installed soon,” told Rohit. Besides, they are bringing in operators directly from China, which can be employed by the printers installing these machines. A demo centre in their office in Noida is also on the cards.

Automatic grooving and corner-cutting machine

The company will also showcase ZDJ-1000 Automatic Plate-type Grooving Machine from Jinggang, which adopts PLC control, featuring in simple operation. The cardboard feeder is controlled by linear guide line and servo motor, positioning accurately and swiftly. It is equipped with a vacuum pump to keep the cardboard grooved accurately without any movement. In the cardboard feeder, the machine can automatically stop when lack of cardboard to reduce the waste rate. Durable knife, equipped with grinder which makes operation easier. It is suitable for paperboard, corrugated board, cardboard, MDF and other materials, etc.

Dry lamination machine

Wenzhou Yongshan dry lamination machine YS-S108, a fully automatic high speed chain-blade type film laminator, for slitting many kinds of laminating films such as OPP and PET, will also be on dispaly

The company will also display Wenzhou Keqiang casemaker – ZFM 1000, an automatic case-making machine, which has a unique double-control device, an effective solution to double sheet. With novel structure and reasonable to the digital device, it can effectively and accurately quickly cardboard composite tissues.

Automatic book-like box assembling machine

Also on display will be Wenzhou Yongbang FB-1000 automatic book-like box assembling machine.

“This complete solution will be an interesting showcase for all,” concludes Rohit.

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