Esko’s packaging software and Kongsberg V20 sample maker at Label Kingdom, Chennai

Label Kingdom, a specialist in the garment segment and supplies packaging materials to most of the global brands in the garment and leather products industry in South India, recently opted for Esko’s software and also purchased the Esko Kongsberg V20 sample making table for cutting and creasing packaging prototypes.

KV Prasad CEO of Label Kingdom says, “We strongly believe that the Esko’s solutions will help us produce high quality jobs and also improve our efficiency by identifying errors at a very early stage and avoid them as we design the packaging. This is because the tools which are part of the Esko solution follow standards prescribed by international bodies like ECMA. Also the tools help to complete the design activity at a faster rate than the usually used tools such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw.”

While, Srihari Rao, director sales for Esko India says, “Converters today are increasingly keen on the advantages of using Esko’s efficient software tools for prepress and the Esko Kongsberg sample making table for building quality, efficiency right into their processes from inception and avoiding errors in the entire production flow. As the industry matures, Esko is well positioned with software, hardware, services and know how to support the demand for tools that can offer cuttingedge creativity and innovation.”

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