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Photobooks is an ever-growing segment of digital printing in India. More and more people are opting for digital solutions, rather than silver halide solution to create and preserve their memories. Here, two top-of-line photobook printers in India, who recently won the HP Digital Print Excellence Awards 2015 - Asia Pacific and Japan, share more about it.
Weddings in India offer numerous business opportunities…wedding albums being one of the must-have items on the list. These wedding albums have now come of age, becoming a style statement and lot of effort goes in designing them. Value-added features like innovative boxes, UV printing, lamination, etc make them striking. Here, Varsha Verma talks to Klick Photobook and Canvera Digital to know more about this business of digital printing.

Dr Dhiraj Kacker of Canvera DigitalKlick Photobook – Sweet and Slim, Surat: With their tag line ‘Sweet and Slim,’ Klick Photobook is one of the leading names in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, in photobook segment. “We were a photo lab since 1993 but we started this digital printing business in 2009, with the installation of HP Indigo 5500 and later HP Indigo 5600. In 2014, we also installed Scodix S75, the first machine in western India, to offer ‘touch and feel’ effect to our prints,” told Bhavinbhai Navapara of Klick Photobook.

“The HP Indigo machine offers better quality than silver halide as there is lot of picture depth as well,” he shared. They produce 150-200 albums in a day, with each album having an average number of 70-80 pages. With a 10,000 sq ft facility, they have a staff strength of 100, with 45 people engaged in just binding.

On asking about his reaction on getting the HP Digital Print Excellence Award 2015, he shared that he feels good on being rewarded for his work as it also brings future benefit in terms of marketing support.

Bhavin Bhai is so impressed with the HP machine that he might go for a second machine like HP Indigo 6000/6600P and HP Indigo 10000 and targets to produce 300 albums everyday.

Canvera Digital – Preserving Memories, Bangalore: With their tagline ‘Preserving Memories,’ Canvera Digital is utilising the capabilities of digital printing to do just that. Dr Dhiraj Kacker, founder & managing director, Canvera Digital, shared, “We are a seven-and-half year old company and our focus is only Indian market. We create photobooks, of which 70-80 percent are wedding albums.”

“We are photographer-centric and have a database of 10,000 photographers on our web hosting platform. We offer design and printing services,” he told. For this, they have three HP Indigo 3550 installed in Bangalore. They have 15 regional offices and 450 sales people in 200 cities.

What’s more? Each photobook printed at Canvera Digital comes with a mobile app, which is a digital version of the book and can be shared on all social media platforms. “We wish to help people not just preserve memories, but also share them,” he shared.

On asking about winning the HP Digital Print Excellence Award 2015, Dr Dhiraj replied that they have been a regular winner at these awards, which is a recognition to their work.

“It’s a happy business and it is ever-evolving,” concluded Dr Dhiraj.

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