Ricoh pro C5100s: perfect for small and mid-run jobs

–Shares Himmat Singh, Line Graphics, Jaipur, a proud customer of the machine

Line Graphics was established in 2005 to serve as a creative agency to printing & publishing industry. Its clientele were mostly from mediators & job works. “We are currently known for our exceptional graphic designing, hard-to-believe effects and valuefor- money printing. We provide our customers, a hi-profile kind of graphic designing including concept making and content development and realising ideas/ dreams to put them on paper, of course,” shares Himmat Singh of Line Graphics, Jaipur. Four months back, the company has installed Ricoh Pro C5100s and Himmat is upbeat about the new installation. “Through digital printing solutions we are now able to deliver time bound projects & match critical deadlines in printing field,” he shares.

So what were the main features of machine which attracted them? “Ricoh Pro C5100s seemed fit to me due to the size it was serving i.e. 13”x49.6”. It was quite a good size for this segment of machine. The service quality and cost range they assured was also a point to consider this machine. We were introduced to this machine in a seminar, well organised by Ricoh. Additionally they helped us in availing finances for the machine,” he shares.

“With this installation, we are serving the job worker's segment for small & mid run jobs. Being also a well set establishment in offset printing, the machine helps in switching projects between digital to offset and vice versa according the budget and quantity of the client.”

The machine was installed in mid October, 2014. “Since then we have taken around 15,000 colour & 3,000 black & white prints on it. We are continuously marketing and striving to increase the volume. Currently, we are far behind than our target which is around 25,000 copies per month. We are planning to increase volume of copies in an aggressive way and finding new segments in digital & VDP,” he concludes optimistically.

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