Aiming at innovations and diversification!

Churning out high-quality prints within three days of installation of Xerox 1000, Kirti Karia of Allwyn Jumbo Zerox, a proud Xerox customer for two decades, shares his experience with the machine.

P&P: Can you give us a brief about your organisation.

Kirti: Allwyn is service provider for all kinds of printing jobs, highly competitive in the field of design, execution & delivery. With years of experience in offering various kinds of innovative solutions, we thrive on customer delight. We have a retail based operation and best way to grow and expand is through innovative applications.

That’s what we strive to do and hence invest in the best technology that is flexible and versatile and helps us develop newer applications. That’s how we have grown. Our retail space in Andheri is a one stop shop for all POD solutions, be it on any media or any format.

P&P: How does Xerox 1000 fit into it?

Kirti: The reason to buy X1000 is because of its excellent print quality & speed. Advantage of this machine is its duty cycle & capability to run continuous jobs. The beauty is its flexibility with different media without any compromise on productivity or quality. The equipment is proven for its robust technology and high volume/media jobs.

P&P: What kind of applications are you doing/ wish to do on this machine?

Kirti: With X1000 Free flow server, we are using it for 4 color, print jobs like brochure, pamphlets, visiting cards, posters, danglers, menu cards, books, photo albums and since it handles 350 gsm at rated speed we are also looking at some short run packaging applications.

P&P: When was this machine installed and how many prints have been taken on this machine till now? What are your targets from this digital machine?

Kirti: The machine was installed on 31st December 2014 and production started from 2nd January 2015. Till now we have run 78000 (12”x18”) impressions on this machine.

We are expecting specialized jobs like printing on 350 gsm media e.g. visiting cards, personalized calendars to grow by 100%. This machine also opens up opportunities like packaging, visual aids, specially for pharma companies in 350gsm media. We also foresee high growth in volumes in 22 different types of texture papers.

P&P: What additional support did you get from Xerox while you decided to go for this machine?

Kirti: We have been Xerox customers for now over 20 years and as always, they were extremely consultative in their approach, giving us a ringside view of the technology, an evolving market place and competitive advantages.

P&P: How do you plan to achieve early ROI on this machine?

Kirti: with faster turnaround time in execution of jobs & delivery, we are expecting minimum business growth of 25-30 percent.

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