Hunkeler innovationdays 2015 (Switzerland)

This not-to-be-missed one of the kind event for the printing industry focuses on the leading-edge development for greater automation of the printing industry. Here’s a sneak peek into the technologies to be displayed at the show. To be held from February 23 to 26, 2015 at Lucerne Switzerland, Hunkeler innovationdays 2015 will focus on many leading-edge developments for greater automation. These will include new generation of winding and unwinding modules with fast roll changes and production speeds over 300 m/min; book production line with automated format length changeover; dynamic finishing for perforating, punching, gathering, chip-out, cutting and stacking; and ease-of-operation with new control platforms and tools such as PerfEditor and LaserEditor. Here are a few technologies, which will be on display:

Broad substrate spectrum: The new Hunkeler ‘Primer Coater’ Module expanding the range of conventional substrates that are eligible for inkjet printing, and can also add post-print gloss to inkjet-printed products.

Newspapers Collator FC7: Digital newspaper finishing with a new folder and collecting module for enhanced efficiency when producing tabloid and broadsheet formats - also perfectly suited for producing inserts.

More security with laser: Laser finishing for perfect security printing. Highly dynamic punching, perforating, and engraving of complex logos, shapes, text and numbers. Easy operation with an advanced LaserEditor for producing forge-proof checks, IDs, lottery tickets, coupons and much more.

Hunkeler control platform: Quality control and document tracking that meet the latest standards for reliable production monitoring, compliance and reporting.

Dynamic perforation and punching module DP8: Advanced production solution with even greater functionality and production speed for dynamic perforation and punching of payment forms, tear-off coupons, mailings and security applications.

Hunkeler booth at: innovationdays 2015

Books on demand with variable format sizes: The Hunkeler book block solution is distinguished by high flexibility, fast and easy changeover, and excellent book block quality.

Books are produced on demand in variable format sizes, thanks to fully automatic longitudinal format changeover, a highperformance trimming module and a unique star wheel delivery system. The PF7 double plow folder processes paper webs up to 30 inches (760 mm) web width into 4-, 6- or 8-page signatures at a web speed of up to 200 meters per minute.

From a roll to the LS7 large-format sheet stacker with the PC7 primer-coater: The PC7 primer-coater has new web guides and drive elements made of corrosion-resistant materials, simple roller removal without tools and an automatic cleaning process. The energy-efficient NIR (near infrared) radiation drying technology is precisely calibrated to the absorption spectrum of the dispersion varnishes. This low-temperature system allows up to 4 grams/m2 of varnish to be applied.

New DP8 module for dynamic punching and perforations: The DP8 punching and perforation module from the new POPP8 has tools for up to three cross perforations and up to eight longitudinal perforations as well as a device for punching forms or file hole punching. It offers customizable, independent processing of two web lanes in 2-up production. A 22-inch version of this model for wider paper webs will be available in June 2015.

Newspaper production structured in sections: There will be a new production line for newspapers on demand in a broadsheet and tabloid format, allowing production of broadsheet newspapers with multiple topicspecific sections and a variable number of pages. The paper web will be fed by the UW7 unwinding module. It features broadsheet production with cross-cutting in the CS7 module and the first gathering process in the DC7 drum collating module.

Optional dynamic gluing in the spine is also possible for products with multiple sections, newspaper supplements or glued brochures. The line can be fully automatically converted from broadsheet to tabloid during a production run.

Security printing redefined with the HL6 laser module: The HL6 is the ideal solution for high-security punching and perforating applications, for example, checks, coupons and mailings, roll-fed from the UW6 unwinding module. It offers production capacity up to 150 m/minute in 1-up or 2-up mode.

The inline WI6 web inspection system controls print quality and document integrity. Finishing is completed on the CS6-II crosscutting module, using longitudinal knives and a double cross-cutting cylinder to produce 4-sided bleed-trimmed printed products.

Innovations by other
partners to the show…

Canon – Combination line for books and stitched brochures: Production of books and booklets on the Colorstream 3000Z. New Dynacut function in the CS6-II crosscutting module for automatic resetting of the trimming and stacking lengths.

Applications: Transactional / Transpromo documents and booklets finished on the IBIS stitcher.

Domino – Mailings with the Domino K600i: Domino K Series printing systems in a roll-to-roll configuration with the UW6 unwinding module and the RW6 winding module. Monochrome printing of variable data (2D codes, QR codes, numerals, images, etc.) in preproduced, 4-colour mailings or transaction printing at web speeds up to 150 meters per minute and 600 dpi resolution. Applications: Variable data printing for mailings and transactional documents.

Fujifilm – Roll-to-stack production with the Jet Press 540W: Four-colour job printing and book production on a Jet Press 540W from roll to stack. Cross and longitudinal cutting in the CS6-I module and separation of the jobs or book blocks in the SE6 separation module.

Applications: Direct Mail and transpromo jobs, books and magazines.

HP – T230 inkjet web press with a Hunkeler combination line: Double-sided full-colour printing on a paper web using the T230 web press from Hewlett-Packard.

Applications: Books, booklets, newspaper to be finished on the Hunkeler booth and sheets for the Meccanotecnica booth.

Kodak – POPP8 generation on Prosper technology: Roll-to-roll production on the Kodak Prosper 1000. Book and magazine printing on a 25.5-inch paper web from the UW8 to the RW8 for the processing of books on demand and magazine lines.

Applications: Books, booklets, newspaper to be finished on the Hunkeler booth.

Müller Martini – Innovative saddle stitching and the world premiere of a new perfect binder: The Presto II Digital saddle stitcher from Muller Martini is being introduced with a Stahlfolder TH 56 folding machine including a flat stack feeder. The overall system demonstrates new opportunities for digitally printed products. Muller Martini is also introducing a new perfect binder whose name will not be revealed until it is shown at the trade show booth. This universal machine handles small to mid-sized runs for offset or digitally printed brochures.

Applications: Stitched booklets with signatures cut and folded on the Heidelberg booth. Ricoh – Printing on offset paper with the Ricoh Pro VC60000: Full-colour duplex printing on a paper web from roll-toroll on the Ricoh Pro VC60000, using latest-generation Ricoh inkjet heads with a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi.

Applications: High quality books and booklets to be finished on the offline Hunkeler finishing line. Ricoh – Signature, Booklet and Budget Binding Solution: The 4-colour printed paper web will be processed nearline on the Hunkeler UW6 unwinding module, FM6 folder merger, and the high-performance CS6-HS cross-cutter. Applications: Booklets and glued multipage signatures.

Screen – Combination line for books and job printing: Full-colour production on the new Truepress Jet5

Applications: High quality books, booklets, newspaper to be finished on the Hunkeler booth. Screen – Combination line for brochure production: Full-colour production on the Truepress Jet520. Digitally printed brochures at rates up to 6000 copies per hour.

Applications: Booklets and brochures finished on the Horizon Stitchliner 6000D.

Xeikon – Pharmaceutical applications on lightweight paper: Full-colour production of pharmaceutical package inserts and outserts on the Xeikon 8000.

Application: Folded pharma booklets with lightweight paper.

Xerox – Books and mailings on the Impika eVolution: The Impika eVolution will produce full-colour book blocks and mailings. Applications: Transactional / Transpromo documents and books.

Böwe Systec – Mail-inserting system with the UW6 unwinding module: Feeding of high-performance inserting lines from Pitney Bowes in continuous operation with proven unwinding technology.

GUK – Small format folding of lightweight paper: Production of pharmaceutical package information leaflets from preprinted rolls to a product folded in a miniature format.

Heidelberg – Small run brochure and book production: Production of signatures for brochures and books in customizable small print runs.

Horizon – Perfect-bound books: Book production with perfect binding and 3-sided trimming from rolls with the Horizon Smartbinder integrated production system.

Kern-Data – Mail-inserting system with the UW6 unwinding module: Feeding of the Kern-Data MK series hig h - p er fo rmance mail-inserting system with proven unwinding technology in continuous operation.

Meccanotecnica – Books in hard/soft cover production: Book production with threadsewn or perfect binding. Gluing of the gauze and the endpaper in hardcover production, milling of the spine, and perfect binding with cover feeding in softcover production. Barcodes are used to dynamically control the automatic opening and closing of the clamps from book-to-book, for variable book block thicknesses.

Pitney Bowes – Mailinserting system with the UW6 unwinding module: Feeding of high-performance inserting lines from Pitney Bowes in continuous operation with proven unwinding technology.

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