The rapid evolution of high-speed inkjet printing technology

High speed inkjet printing technology in the world is the highest point of new printing technology and is in the stage of rapid development. This technology represents the mainstream of an international development direction, promoted the development of digital printing to advanced stages. Higher speed, better quality and reliability all make ROI much more attractive. The VDP market...

The global variable data printing (VDP) market opportunity reached 6,56,756 million sheets in 2012 and is forecasted to be 8,53,097 million sheets in 2017, according to Smithers Pira report. Full digital output is forecast to almost double from 8.2 percent market share to 14.2 percent as per Pira’s report.

High speed inkjet printing applications market has shown rapid growth trend, but in the global high speed operation of the monochrome and colour inkjet printers. High speed inkjet printing applications market is still in its early stages of development, pending further breakthroughs or stimulate to the market.

The largest VDP output volumes are coming from mature markets such as North America and Western Europe, where digital print overall is showing strong growth especially inkjet and the trends in VDP is direct mail and other marketing documents are setting those for the rest of the world. There is also high growth in digital output coming from emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. In these regions overall digital production volumes (sheets) are much lower, but the growth within those markets is much rapid with as much as 20 percent annual growth in these regions.

Without a doubt, the growth in the digital printing segment has come as a result of new technologies. Whether it is the ability to customise products or do short runs, digital printing has moved into new markets with each technology improvement, and as speeds and quality improve and decreased per unit cost, inkjet will find new opportunities.

Vinsak inkjet offering...

There are so many advances taking place in inkjet printing that it is hard to keep track of them all.

VINSAK LVPI is one such solution, suited to printing personalised security labels with fully variable information or frequently changing print. The ability to print high image quality on a wide variety of substrates is also a key technological breakthrough. The unique design of this label printing and inspection system includes a quick makeready rotary scissor slitting unit with knife separation and lateral adjustment.

With VIS1200, UV drying/ IR unit and inspection system installed on the VINSAK web transport system, it is possible to print personalised data digitally onto various offset papers, coated papers, gloss papers, PET, BOPP, etc. A colour touch screen HMI enables quick and easy job set-ups, control of the various counting facilities, automatic web advance, taper tension control and of roll features. It offers reliability, flexibility and high performance low cost of operation vs print quality with a variety of options in the inkjet printing systems, UV curing systems and inspection systems.

The high speed inkjet market is thirsty for sustainable yet compatible ink solutions. On addition of LED UV curing capability for UV inkjet is a significant technological advance that customers are taking advantage thereof. “The improvement in head technology has pushed the demand for new chemistries and components upstream in the supply chain so we are seeing advances in materials. The main improvement we overlook in inkjet printing technology is the reduced cost and better performance of the computing systems needed to drive digital equipment,” told Ranesh Bajaj of Creed Engineers.

“We have installed more than 25 Print Modules in the Middle- East and India and some more installations in the pipeline and tax stamp being the main application at the moment though new segments are opening up and we have some early technology adapters of this product,” he added.

Looking ahead...

Adopting new technology does require a lot of investment but with this comes the print enhancement, personalisation as well as newer applications and solution that one can offer. With new solutions and enhancement to offer, convertors are in a better position to add more business as well as revenue to achieve faster ROIs; brands gets more secure with anticounterfeit features. Since most of these applications are based on variable data printing, inkjet scores here which seems to be the future. In India most of these applications are getting addressed by hi-speed, high native resolution, grey scale heads. Most of the suppliers of this inkjet equipment are of western origin or companies integrating these systems use European designed assemblies.

China has established it’s footprint in the Global signage printers market but is yet to enter the label and packaging domain of the inkjet printing. New opportunities are being opened up by some of the printer manufacturers who have more open business models and this will allow customers to identify and then create new solutions that allow them to capitalise on those opportunities. The more printers will invest in inkjet technologies, the more opportunity everyone will see. (With inputs from Creed Engineers)

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