A tradition of quality at Sri Sudhindra Offset Process

Sri Sudhindra Offset Process in Bengaluru is an inheritance of family-backed printing business which stays active for more than half a century. Jyaneswsar Laishram from Print & Publishing explores the company’s success story sprouted from a letterpress set-up to a mammoth ultramodern production facility today. Printing was non-existent when mankind sufficed their written (engraved) communication by engraving pictorial presentations on stones, leaves, woods and hides, which was followed by the era of writing on parchment, cloth or paper.

Suresh Pai BSThen the day came when the necessity was there to print holy book Bible for its vast and easy circulation among general public. This was how Gutenberg printing press was invented in 1496. On the other side of the globe in India, Sarvothama Pai of the Bhadragiri family felt the similar way in 1961. They planned to produce the traditional Hindu oral literature, Dasa Sahithya, in prints for mass distribution, for which Sudhindra Printing Press was established.

Located in the heart of Bengaluru city, Sudhindra Printing Press emerged like a tradition of quality. Initial activities of the press were revolved around printing some promotional literatures, which in turn gripped holding the development of a strong foundation of value, technological excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Since then, Sudhindra Printing Press (now Sri Sudhindra Offset Process) keeps growing in all verticals revolving around book printing, magazines, personalised stationary, posters, paper bags and others. “We understand the significance of printing and how does it play an important role in business promotion. So, no matter how big or small the project is, we strive for excellence in any kind of prints for our clients,” says Suresh Pai BS of Sri Sudhindra Offset Process.

Contented clients

Sri Sudhindra Offset Process always helps customers get their vision into a work of art as the company gives priority on details and perfection. Today, the company boasts of delivering highest-quality prints for books, folders, magazines, text books, etc. And the clientele comprises big corporate clients, such as Astrazeneca Pharma India, Aztech, Britannia, CMP Media, Canara Bank, Himalaya Drugs, ING Vysya, L&T, RCI, TVS Motors, among others. Outdoor Asia, BIZJET are some of the popular magazines printed at Sri Sudhindra Offset Process.

Still printing ‘promotional literature’ is one of the prominent tasks at Sri Sudhindra Offset Process. The company delivers excellent outputs in printing essays or literatures for academicians at school or university level who wish to share the materials with professors, classmates, project colleagues, etc. Production of such promotional literatures comes out in the finest prints and presentations because Sri Sudhindra Offset Process is equipped with a line of high-end machines.

Unmatched infrastructure

Sri Sudhindra Offset Process has invested in the latest technologies which allow them to convert the most creative ideas into moving print outputs.

Its production facility is equipped with an entire range of constantly upgraded highend pre-press, press and postpress machines. Perfectly trapped and imposed layouts with colour-bars, registration marks, cut and fold marks are directly imaged on to calibrated Kodak CtP system installed in their facility. Bodhi, a leading colour management expert in Bengaluru, is the architect behind everything about colour proofing, workflow solutions at Sri Sudhindra Offset Process.

The machine portfolio of Sri Sudhindra Offset Process consists of four-colour Mitsubishi 28x40; four-colour + coater Mitsubishi 20x28; four-colour Mitsubishi 28x40 and two four-colour Planeta standard machines. The post-press division of the company is equipped with cuttingedge finishing technologies from Stahl, Polar and others to ensure finest finishing touches in binding, lamination, embossing, varnishing, UV spot coating, aqua-coating, punching, pinning, cutting, etc. A qualified team of more than 100 professionals in all stages of printing or finishing gives best of satisfactory level to their clients.

Future move

Maintaining its age-old tradition of giving customers the finest prints and services, Sri Sudhindra Offset Process is quite successful in all spheres of prints and productions. However, Suresh Pai feels the need of joining e-publishing world. “Since everything is inclining towards the online world, we shouldn’t sit idle watching the revolution,” he says with a commitment that Sri Sudhindra Offset Process is now gearing up for e-publishing activities.

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