Newstech brings Protecmedia to India

Today the world of news media is no longer lingering in its traditional way. Dynamism has set upon new transition towards digital publishing in terms of editorial, business models and advertising activities which Protecmedia makes it happen in a perfect way. Being the authorised distributor of Protecmedia software and services in India, Newstech (India) Pvt Ltd reveals how they bring the revolutionary progression to digital publishing.

Protecmedia is present in more than 25 countries to supply editorial, advertising and audience solutions for news organisations. “Hundreds of newspapers across the globe partner with Protecmedia to optimise their business strategies for the future,” said Sachin Garg, country head-new media, Newstech (India) Pvt Ltd. The string of Protecmedia’s advantageous software and services hitting the new ground in India comprises MILENIUM, AD-on-LINE, CICLON, SHIPO, among others.

Content management

Transformation from a separated or traditional newsroom to an integrated one can be overwhelming experience. Now, Protecmedia’s MILENIUM can break down the walls between print, web and mobile to provide the culture of convergent newsroom. This software helps journalists/editors create, manage and deliver contents in different channels using one single interface. On other hand, QUAY is a multimedia archive system which can distribute and monetise effectively all of editorial assets through this ‘digital asset management’ solution. Further, ITERWeb is a web content management system for the production of websites and it simplifies all of the tasks of the whole news organisation. In order to make profit from apps investment, DX (Digital eXperience) is designed as publishing software for tablets and smartphones. These apps are designed for iOs and Androids to offer readers unique experiences on e-paper, web apps, e-paper apps, etc.

Integrated ad business

AD-on-LINE integrates administration, commercial and production aspects typically found in a news company’s advertising activity. Increased revenues, cost-saving, improved client’s satisfaction and ease of business analysis in real time are the main advantages this software offers to the media companies in an essential area of their activities, such as booking and handling of advertising orders for all channels or media. “AD-on-LINE integrates internet and tablets to boost the booking by agencies, individuals and mobile sales representatives,” mentioned Sachin. What it makes the work of those in the sales department easier is AD-on-LINE’s ability to manage advertising belonging to all of the editorial company’s channels from the same interface.

Ad production solution

CICLON solution manages and produces all advertising originals in an integrated manner. Possibilities with this Protecmedia suite of products include management of classifieds for all channels, automatically placing general ads in different publications and so on. This solution fulfils the important tasks of ensuring that ad contracted in advertising management application is published in the right support and in the line with the booking conditions. In addition, CICLON also provides the necessary tool to produce advertising originals itself, including the generation of QR codes while allowing advanced planning of different publications.

Circulation and subscription system

Of course, circulation is an indispensable part of a news media company’s armoury in the battle of market share. Newspapers need innovative software tools to manage client information and sales points. Protecmedia’s powerful GEO-circulation technology identifies, locates and controls all sales points and delivery routes to improve marketing campaigns and promotions. SHIPOSubscription system is another solution designed to find out more about audiences and to manage new sales models in the digital era. Sachin asserted, “Through a specific portal for print and digital subscribers, this solution allows the news company to manage the relationship with subscribers, allowing an exhaustive control of all processes related to subscription.”

Newstech’s introduction of Protecmedia software and services in India is now a big game changer in the country’s digital publishing platform which has now galvanised to a convergence where everything is easier in terms of business models or readers’ comfort. For further details, write in at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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