Jammu Printers Association stands for wellbeing of everyone

Printers associations at regional level are always imperative about the welfare of their members as well as the overall development of the industry. Jammu Printers Association is one such active regional body. Joginder Singh, president and Sanjay Verma, vice-president, Jammu Printers Association talk to Print & Publishing about some of their past and present deeds.

After ups and downs in several phases, Jammu Printers Association has come to stability. This association sees both gains and depreciations sweeping in the region’s printing industry. “Our aim is to make all printers in the region united and work together to bring prosperity though innovative technologies and services,” says Joginder Singh, president, Jammu Printers Association.

A flashback

Joginder Singh and Sanjay VermaFirst printing association in Jammu was formed in the year 1965 by SL Chadha of Naresh Art Press. Unfortunately it could not proceed success. It revived after a gap of a few years with Shankar Dass Sharma as president and general secretary MD Bhat. “The association handled problems of printers at various government departments and Bhat was very energetic and his witty nature kept everyone in the association in good humour,” remembers Joginder.

In fact, the association turned into Jammu Printers Association which came into existence in 1980 when Prem Sharad of VIP Press was elected as president and OP Batra of Batra Printers as general secretary. Jammu during this period witnessed a huge number of printers popping up in every corner and there were dire needs of the association to handle their dayto- day problems, which Jammu Printers Association justifiably handled. Prem Sharad then took the initiative to frame the association’s constitution that was eventually implemented in the year 1986 and Jammu Printers Conference was organised.

Big development

In the year 1988, SK Gupta was elected as president of the association which he registered with Registrar of Societies and affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In the same year, the association also got affiliated to All India Federation of Masters Printers (AIFMP). The association organised its second Jammu Printers Conference in 1989 under the presidentship of SK Gupta. J&K Printers Awards is one of the landmark activities which the association carries out cyclically to recognise excellence in print jobs of the region’s printers. After batches of dedicated office bearers who maintained the association with motivating activities, today Jammu Printers Association is comprised of 137 members flourishing under the guidance of Joginder Singh, president; Sanjay Verma, vice-president; Atma Singh, general secretary and others.

Handling issues

Sharing the biggest challenges which printers in Jammu are facing these days, Sanjay Verma, vice-president shares, “Sales tax has always been an issue in the region’s printing market. Government imposes five percent tax on all printing materials in the state, unlike other parts of the country.” He adds that nonavailability of proper machine servicing or delayed attending to complaints in the region is another big problem most of the printers are constantly facing. According to him, it takes a minimum of two days for engineers of any machine manufacturer or dealer to come down to Jammu and only a few companies have their base in the state.

On the digital trend mounting gradually, Sanjay Verma agrees that everyone should take along digital technologies and keep updated to the progression. “There’s nothing about offset coming to an end in this era of digital presses. Both the technologies will go hand in hand under the simple logic that offset is meant for bulk production and digital for short-run jobs,” he explains.

Local activities

Jammu Printers Association closely indulges into activities at local and regional levels to appease its members and other related communities or organisations. The association organises community awareness programmes, such as rabies vaccinations, cultural and festive executions in regular intervals. Recently the association in collaboration with Kashmir Printers Association organised felicitation programme to encourage the newly elected office bearers of AIFMP. The association often acts to the core for the betterment of all under unity in diversity.

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