Bodhi revolutionises standardisation process

They don’t sell just another product but give everyone a complete end-to-end solution easily emendable into any existing printing environment, be it pre-press, press, colour proofing, colour management and many more. Hooked up here is about Bodhi Professional Solutions which Print & Publishing captured a fascinating glimpse of the company’s age-old root and standout current activities on standardisation.

As though he was born with inks in his blood, Satish Nayak, MD and co-founder of Bodhi Professional Solutions (P) Ltd is today a colour management expert from heart and soul. He still remembers how his father’s printing business inspired him in those younger years. “I was barely a boy in my early teens when my father introduced me to the world of printing that fascinated me like nothing else before,” he recollects. His father was one of the pioneers who founded the Karnataka Offset Printers Association (KOPA).

As time went by, Satish being passionate about printing and graphic industry eventually got the opportunity to work in the research division of Dainippon Screen Engineering of America (DSEA) and Dainippon Screen Canada for more than a decade before he returned to India over the news of his father’s demise in 2001. “I finally decided to settle in India to open a new company that can provide new standards which the industry has never been achieved,” says Satish.

Birth of Bodhi

“It was when I stood at a threshold with a little confusion and anxiety to open a new company, my mother went to Bodh Gaya in Bihar to conduct last rites for my father. She brought home a Peepal leaf used in the ritual at the shrine. It was the leaf that instilled me everything about my current company Bodhi Professional Solutions,” narrates Satish adding that company’s logo was derived from the carbon-dated Peepal leaf his mother brought from Bodh Gaya. He further explains that business is all about connection with customers and the concept is represented by the connecting vein loops showing in the divine leaf. The term ‘Bodhi’ literally meaning ‘knowledge’ in Hindi was what it finally coined the company’s slogan ‘Our Knowledge, Your Future’ to signify their standardisation activities for customers.

Packaging parameter has been one such area which Bodhi has pulled off big achievements. “Apart from other domains in the current print market, packaging segment is now growing and expected to expand extensively in near future,” remarks Satish

Satish NayakQuality standardisation Today, Bodhi has been in the printing industry for more than a decade, serving standardisation in colour proofing, colour management and workflows for newspapers, commercial printers, packaging segment, publishing and others looking for a standout ‘difference’. “Our sheer objective is to share knowledge with a mission to bring the latest trends and technologies from throughout the world to our print market,” conveys Satish.

Being one of the first ISO Auditors for UGRA Colour Management in India, summing up of the overall activities of Bodhi will include colour reproduction, different screening, scanning, and prepress system development, etc. Today, almost everyone in several industrial sectors has been enlisted in the client list of the company. Let’s pick up newspaper sector, name any newspaper in the country, it will surely be in Bodhi Solutions’ clientele. Mentioning of a few of the company’s early achievements in standardisation process in the sector may radically count The Times of India. This leading national daily was the first newspaper which ventured into colour management and standardising their process in the year 2005. With dedicated consultation from Bodhi Solutions, The Times of India achieved the expected results in their multiple locations across the country.

Packaging parameter has been one such area which Bodhi has pulled off big achievements. “Apart from other domains in the current print market, packaging segment is now growing and expected to expand extensively in near future,” remarks Satish counting some of the company’s clients like Janus Packaging, Sai Packaging, etc. Bodhi works on 1-Bit that streamlines the pre-press in the most affordable way and gives their customers an easy to use workflow solution. 1-Bit is the most predictable format which means fewer mistakes, less wastage that means saving time and cost-effective.

On other side, Bodhi Solutions is an authorised distributor of Epson printers. In this front, latest development in the company is its tie-up with BenQ to distribute the latter’s newly launched Pro Graphics monitors designed with calibration of 100 percent CMYK, 99 percent Abode RGB, G7/FOGRA certifications, inbuilt calibrating software, shading hood, etc.

Partnering with Bodhi Solutions means a perfect synergy to optimise work efficiency for imaging or printing professionals. In this respect, Satish has his message to convey, “Standardisation is now core part of all spheres of the printing industry.”

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