New initiatives by new PM – can also bring new life to Print!

Editor - S K Khurana Last two months, media was abuzz with print and digital ads – Achche din aane waale hain. Well, we can same the same for the printing industry. You will wonder what it is and how it is possible? As suggested by prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, this is a set of 5Ts: Tradition, Talent, Tourism, Trade & Technology.

So, how can one transform print out of these 5Ts. I suggest that one needs to innovate and focus on these 5 Ts in a bigger prospective, viz: India has a long list of rich and interesting traditions that too varying from state-to-state. That means the creative team of any printing company can bring out innovative ideas for end-products, like calendars, greeting cards, book covers, posters, handicrafts, et al, not only for Indian market but for overseas as well.

This is directly related to the intelligence of our thinkers who can come out with unimaginable ideas, catering to the vast number of industries like real estate, architecture, fashion and what not? An array of print products can really give a boost in the above-mentioned segments with the help of engaging the brain storming at the discussion table with marketing members of printing companies.

In spite of having rich heritage supported with multiple climates and varied regions like mountains, sea-side, deserts, the flow in tourism to India is still low and the responsibility shall go the planners sitting at the responsible positions who never ever thought of creating interesting/ well designed and richly produced printed products to spread the message around the world. I, being a lover of collecting printed products from all-over, generally feel very disappointed while I compare the quality of creativity between Indian and overseas produced literature. So, once again the tourism and its potential can create unlimited scope for print and printed products.

No trade can function in this world without print as a major tool. Starting from an agenda sheet or name card to a profile or descriptive communication in regard to product/service/person – the opportunities are enormous. So, with the prime minister’s initiative of focusing on ‘Trade’ not only within India but amongst overseas, the volume of print can be equally enormous, provided printers’ community take it seriously and with passion.

Last but not the least, without technology, no industry can grow and same is with print. Though, it is a known fact that in the recent past, the printing community has been upgrading technology by installing state-ofthe- art equipments; the technology and its features have not been fully explored/deployed by majority of the printers. I know quite a few printers having installed 5-colour machine but hardly making use of the 5th unit. That means the important feature of the technology available to them, is not being utilized. Besides, such unique features of the technology need to be shared with print buyers to convince them to go for opting such technological enhancements in their print jobs.

So, the road map to successful print business has already been chartered out at the national level. Join the bandwagon!

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