Scodix Mettalic opens new opportunities

Implementing a capability that can inject increased value to every product a Print Service Provider (PSP) offers, is a tall order; but that’s exactly what the Scodix Digital Enhancement Press is doing for Eichut Digital Printing Ltd, according to their CEO, Asi Ben-Tov. Situated in Nes Ziona, Israel, near Tel Aviv, the 35-year-old firm installed its first Scodix in 2010 and became the world’s first Scodix Ultra print-enhancement digital press user in the early summer of 2013. Named for a Hebrew word that translates to quality, Eichut is using Scodix SENSE technology to add value and quality to everything from business cards, collateral and brochures to folders, book covers and flexible packaging.

“There are really too many applications to count,” Ben-Tov adds. Eichut serves a devoted, yet demanding clientele which include Israeli high-tech businesses, advertising and marketing agencies, and consumer product and service providers. “Scodix Ultra is a very fast, production oriented machine” he adds. “One of my favorite features is the Scodix Metallic. We started to use it recently, and in the last few months we’ve really begun to ramp up its production. Scodix Metallic now allows us to easily apply foil and metallic effects that we couldn’t do before.”

The Scodix solution is engineered for creating in-house metallic colours in a simple one-step process, with no need for outsourcing, hot foil process, setup of traditional processes, plates, molds or other costly and time consuming elements. Scodix PolySENSE is applied over the CMYK colours, printed on a silver lamination, and together it creates a variety of enhancements and diverse metallic colours. “Response to the metallic effect is very strong and unique. The effect can’t be reached any other way and it attracts immediate attention. It is simply a higher quality specialty feature,” explains Ben-Tov.

Eichut is also producing a lot of pre-production work for clients seeking to test drive the impact metallic effect can achieve. Ben-Tov continues, “This includes short-run promotional products for specialty goods, and focus group pre-marketing studies,” he says. For a chocolate industry client, they ran various promotional prints, such as folders and brochures highlighted with metallic effects. Ben-Tov adds that his firm also is working with several solutions for unique promotions campaigns that have successfully brought many promising results to date.

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