CtP Tantra-Mantra at Kadam Digital

Pune based renowned pre-press bureau Kadam Digital Transprints Pvt Ltd and Kodak co-hosted an Open House, aptly entitled ‘CtP Tantra-Mantra,’ which saw participation of over 140 attendees from the print community in Pune.

The open house ‘CtP Tantra-Mantra’ began with the announcement of the installation of KODAK TRENDSETTER Q800 and high-end KODAK PRINERGY Workflow at Kadam Digital to enhance their offset capabilities. Kadam Digital Transprints Pvt Ltd is a multi-service umbrella organization that has been providing printing solutions since 1990 and has carved a niche in Pune’s printing market as one of the most advanced printing houses in the city.

Speaking on the occasion, Kunal Kadam, general manager, Kadam Digital Transprints Pvt Ltd, said, “Kadam Digital has always opted for modern, emerging printing technologies and equipment in our efforts to deliver the best to our customers. It is with this constant endeavour that we have added the KODAK TRENDSETTER Q800 to our repertoire of high end equipment, as it is a CtP that truly takes print quality to superlative levels. Add to this the versatility and support that KODAK PRINERGY Workflow imparts, and we have a complete high-end setup to really add value to our printing operations.”

His father and founder of Kadam Digital, Sanjay Kadam, in his address at the event, spoke about the ‘parampara’ (legacy) of his company to share technology since its inception in 1990. He also addded, “We have always appreciated the productivity and quality that Kodak technology brings to our output, helping us achieve our business goals and expand our customer base. The KODAK TRENDSETTER Q800 is our second Kodak installation, after the KODAK NEXPRESS SE 3000 digital production colour press. The KODAK TRENDSETTER Q800 along with KODAK PRINERGY Workflow bolsters our offset solutions and adds value to our customer offerings.”

Kadam Digital Transprints Pvt Ltd also introduced their new web-to-print facility on their improved website, which is an automated process to upload the file and print order. This facility helps track information on job cost and timelines, while also monitoring the progress of the job from the customers’ location, saving the customer valuable time and money. Nilesh Dandige from Kruti Infomedia, Pune, has developed this unique, easy-to-use solution for Kadam Digital’s numerous customers and is working tirelessly to enhance its implementation.

Arnab Maiti, national manager – pre press solutions and UWS, Kodak India added, “Kadam Digital has been one of our most valued customers. The relationship further strengthens with their purchase of two Kodak solutions: the renowned KODAK TRENDSETTER Q800 Platesetter and KODAK PRINERGY Workflow. With the help of KODAK PRINERGY Workflow’s pre-flighting and trapping capabilities, as well as the reliability and stability of the KODAK TRENDSETTER Q800, Kadam Digital has the right set-up in place to complement their web-to-print solution and run a seamless operation with evolved technology.”

Among the chief guests who spoke at the event was Girish Date, president of Pune Press Owner’s Association (PPOA). He spoke about how installing big machines did not necessarily translate into big profits. Proper accounting and focus on managing the finances, was the only way to reap profits he added.

Sessions for the day were concluded by Abhiram Sathe, national manager – technical support, Kodak India, who educated the audience on the types of digital plates, with a brief introduction on the manufacturing of Kodak plates, and then addressed some common problems that occur with plates during offset printing.

–Ritu Goyal Harish

Group Publications