Goss International to showcase strategy for web offset development

At Ipex 2014, Goss International will highlight the broad scope of applications and opportunities made possible through its ongoing development of web offset technology and support capabilities. Key advances in the development of the Vpak technology and the new Magnum Compact press come under the spotlight, as well as groundbreaking investments in unique Sunday presses and a UK-first hybrid M-600 system.

“We have responded to the changes in our industry environment by redesigning our business model to ensure competitiveness, longevity and ongoing support for customers,” explains Eric Bell, marketing services director. “As well as the recent restructuring around regional parts, service and support centers, the company has also been diversifying its product portfolio to serve customers in neighbouring markets where Goss expertise provides an edge.”

Goss technical expertise, process knowledge and high-tech industrial manufacturing have now been applied to all high-speed web markets with presses for commercial applications, newspaper, magazines, direct mail, catalogues, books and specialist publications, as well as flexible packaging, labels and folding carton production.

The packaging market is an example where, since Goss last exhibited in the UK, the company has developed and installed groundbreaking Vpak web offset presses. Goss is also opening its first dedicated packaging technology centre in the USA for demonstrations, testing and educational programmes.

In the commercial web sector, Goss retains worldwide technology and market leadership. New UK investments in Goss technology have been among the most high-profile developments in the graphic arts industry over the past year and have introduced a new wave of cautious optimism to the offset market. These have involved a large-scale investment by Polestar in new press systems, including three Sunday 5000 presses to be installed shortly, and a new 48-page Goss Sunday 4000 press for York Mailing at the former Pindar site in Scarborough, which has just come into operation.

Another development keeping Goss at the top of its market sectors is the successful launch of the Magnum Compact press, the most highly-automated single-width press on the market. Designed to meet a global requirement for versatility and quick, easy and economical job changeovers, the press is suitable for book, newspaper and semi-commercial printing in runs as low as 500 copies.

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