India gets its own Boettcher rubber roller plant!

Boettcher India recently inaugurated their rubber roller plant, which happens to be the 18th plant in continuation with Boettcher Global policy of placing and working as a competent partner by the side of their customers. The plant was inaugurated by Boettcher chairman Franz- G Heggemann in Delhi, in the presence of Dirk Odenbrett, director sales of Boettcher. The celebrations continued and were held in three different cities in India - Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad – where more than 100 printers from sheetfed and web segments gathered at each place.

The plant uses state-of-art-technology, in line with the most recent technological advances world over which means the same quality standards worldwide. All across the location and adjoining printing hubs, the news of opening of Boettcher rubber roller facility created unprecedented enthusiasm amongthe printing fraternity and the event received overwhelming response and positive feedback from the customers.

Boettcher always believes that the technology should reach at the lowest level of the ladder so that even mass can enjoy the benefit and the opening up of Indian rubber rolling plant is a step in that direction. With this, they offer simple and convenient ordering of rollers. Indian customers can also benefit from substantial time savings with short delivery periods.

The company works on the motto of consistent high print quality with trouble free printing, and minimum roller storage space required, which means lower costs for the customers.

Print Systems of Böettcher stand for more service, more quality, more process reliability and increased profitability in printing. They are at their customers’ disposal, with fine-tuned products, printing rollers, printing blankets, printing chemicals– all from a single source. A complete and compatible product system from their laboratories, tested and balanced, assures a consistent and controlled production process and perfect re-produceable print quality.

With their long-term experience as a partner of the worldwide printing industry, Böttcher is fully aware that complex processes require comprehensive servicing. Top quality products alone are not enough: as a Böettcher customer one can enjoy unrivalled support: from initial analysis of the requirements backed by extensive laboratory facilities down to individual problem solving. “You print - we take care of everything else”- this is what Böettcher always puts in.

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