India’s second FUJIFILM Acuity at Colormate

A fresh breakthrough in UV printing, New Delhi-based Colormate Digital has benchmarked a historic installation of versatile and hybrid FUJIFILM Acuity 1600 LED printer. This landmark adoption marks India’s second such installation and first in northern region. PRINT & PUBLISHING digs up Colormate Digital’s celebration with the new high-end printer which is perfectly engineered to cater qualities as well as varieties in outputs and applications that have ever perceived in the UV printing market before. Colormate Digital has been into UV printing since last four and a half years as they began the activity with the adoption of an entry-level Jeti UV printer. “UV printing was not as much as it stands today when we first forayed into this segment. Market standard was revolving around print quality of 30 picolitre dot size. But constant increase in demands for quality variations and complex graphic applications has triggered us to hunt for a right technology, which turned out to be this FUJIFILM Acuity 1600 LED printer,” said Sandeep Bhutani of Colormate Digital. He added that this hybrid printer with roll-to-roll and rigid media options opens fresh opportunities to print on polycarbonate membranes, clear films and others in 2-3 layers in ‘single’ go.

Unmatched outputs

Charanjeet Singh, Anil Rampal Singh and Sandeep Bhutani.Print quality of FUJIFILM Acuity 1600 LED is equivalent to outputs of dye-based inkjet printers. The printer’s white and varnish effects are what it makes graphic prints in the current signage market eventually poise to be a new revolution. “Adoption of this printer helps us fill such gaps which we usually couldn’t work out in UV printing earlier. This printer is indeed our new mission to the zone of UV printing market,” remarked Sandeep adding, “FUJIFILM’s collaboration with Inca, Dimatix and Sericol in turn produces such a superior printer which we are proud to be the country’s second adopter of it.” First FUJIFILM Acuity 1600 LED has been installed by one of the eminent signage players in Mumbai.

“With this hybrid printer one can do uncountable variations in UV printing on common materials like acrylic, sunboard or any other materials of upto 13 mm thickness. An excellent advantage in this printer is its ‘white’ ink technology that churns wonderful range of mock-up effects,” mentioned Anil Rampal Singh, regional sales manager-north (Graphics Arts Division), FUJIFILM India. The segments which Colormate Digital finally plans to explore utilising the technological advancements of FUJIFILM Acuity 1600 LED include retail, interior, corporate offices, among others. “Minute structural printing on polyester membranes as well as varnish and sparkling finishes which were difficultly produced using screen printing technology earlier is now easier than expected on this new FUJIFILM printer,” revealed Sandeep.

Advanced technology

Qualities and varieties churned on FujiFilm Acuity.Colormate Digital has now begun to unleash unbeatable capability of FUJIFILM Acuity 1600 LED in different clusters like graphic display panels at bus stands for backlit applications. This printer has its printhead technology which enables each and every nozzle independently addressable and able to double or triple strike printing in a single move. Such advancement surpasses all disadvantages which conventional dye-based printers usually face while drying up layers of blots. “Of course, instant curing and drying mechanism of FUJIFILM Acuity 1600 LED has better control in dry-up process during multi-layer printing,” asserted Sandeep.

Eco-friendliness in UV printing is another aspect which sets future perfectness of this technology. “LED technology equipped in FUJIFILM Acuity 1600 makes this printer eco-friendly. Unlike other UV printers, one does not require external cooling mechanism for this machine and it churns on heat-sensitive media perfectly without any damage,” said Sandeep adding that special features of this printer will someday impress all big or small signage shops around the corners to go for this cost-effective, versatile and eco-friendly printer.

Sandeep heralded that those (customers) looking for signage or graphic items with a difference can rely on FUJIFILM Acuity 1600 LED. He also appreciated the cordial service and support they received from EDM Equipments, an authorised dealer of FUJIFILM India, which delivered the Acuity 1600 LED to Colormate Digital.

Acuity 1600 LED Quick Facts

  • Productivity of 20 sq m/hr
  • High resolution grey scale printheads
  • High-sensitivity UV inks
  • Flexibility to print media up to 13 mm thickness
  • Roll as well as rigid media options
  • Eight-colour channel options including white and clear
  • Spot colour matching software and RIP


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