Punjab Kesari Group hands over second installment of relief fund to PM

Vijay Kumar Chopra, CMD and chief editor, Punjab Kesari Group handed over the second installment of the fund to Dr Manmohan Singh. On the occasion Avinav Chopra, Abha Chopra, Amit Chopra, Amiya Chopra, Aroosh Chopra, Abhijay Chopra – directors of the group were present. Amit Chopra presented a copy of the Group’s recently launched daily newspaper Navodaya Times’ Delhi edition to the prime minister.On an appeal of the prime minister of India for the help of Uttrakhand flood victims, Punjab Kesari Group started PM National Relief Fund (PMNRF), Uttrakhand. Its first installment worth Rs 5,55,00,071 was handed over to the prime minister in August 2013 in New Delhi. Now the second installment of Rs 2,26,99,929 has been handed over to him on December 26, 2013 totaling Rs 7,82,00,000.

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