Böttcher rubber roller plant in India

For Böttcher, globalisation does not simply mean the absorption of external competence and capacities. The company develops by transferring its own knowledge and highly-developed services to international markets and, in response, learning from their international customers. Prabhat Kumar, product manager at Böttcher India talks about their quality and service parameters. Böttcher is planning a rubber roller plant in India, to support their customers through local manufacturing capacity and comprehensive service arrangements.

Quality assured, everywhere…Böttcher develops balanced solutions for the most diversified production conditions in all regions of the world: whether it’s the water quality or the ambient temperature, specific aspects of the chemistry or local legal and environmental requirements. “Our customers benefit from central Böttcher compounding plant in Gelsdorf, Germany with an assurance to receive the same high-quality and precisely the same compound for their roller material all the time. They can rely on Böttcher’s worldwide quality assurance system, which guarantees the characteristics of every product of the company,” said Prabhat Kumar.

He added, “With our close network of production sites and branch offices, Böttcher pursues everywhere in the world with the goal of placing a competent partner by the side of their customers. Whether in Europe or Asia, the company is always in the vicinity to support their customers through local manufacturing capacity and their comprehensive service as we are also planning for rubber roller plant in India. With this approach, we serve more than a million customers in over 80 countries.”

Complete product system…Print Systems of Böttcher stand for more service, more quality, more process reliability and increased profitability in printing. They are at their customers’ disposal, with fine-tuned products, printing rollers, printing blankets, printing chemicals– all from a single source. A complete and compatible product system from their laboratories, tested and balanced, assures a consistent and controlled production process and re-produceable print quality.

With their long-term experience as a partner of the worldwide printing industry, Böttcher is fully aware that complex processes require comprehensive servicing. Top quality products alone are not enough: as a Böttcher customer one can enjoy unrivalled support: from initial analysis of the requirements backed up by extensive laboratory facilities down to individual problem solving. “You print - we take care of everything else”- this is what Böttcher always puts in.

Quality control and service… A maxim, which Böttcher fulfils since the year one – the qualitative basis of everything they do is to develop all products and solutions themselves. They investigate new materials and create new compositions. Böttcher’s materials go through innumerable test sequences, until they find the optimum solution. Only when they know that their quality requirements are fulfilled, does a product go into serial production. So that, today and in future, their customers have to have the security of knowing that they are working with the best solution available.

For Böttcher, service is a matter of concern. People who decide on Böttcher have the security of having a partner at their side in difficult moments, a partner who can unravel complex problems and knows the applications. In over 280 years, a tremendous reservoir of knowledge has been gathered within Böttcher to which Böttcher colleagues can refer on a daily basis, particularly when facing major challenges. Böttcher always declares “Make use of our unique know-how.”

Böttcher’s performance consists of making their customers more efficient. The quality of their solutions and intensity of service make Böttcher something special. It has always been the company’s approach to develop an in-depth understanding of the things they work on, to master them and take them to the next level. In order to make production more economical and process more stable, one can rely on Böttcher’s energy confidently.

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