Pramod Engineering offers three-knife trimmer on easy instalments

A unique system has been introduced by Pramod Engineering offering their latest model of three-knife trimmer “Trim Star” on easy payment terms. Customers can buy this high-end equipment by paying 25 percent as down payment (i.e. Rs 4.72 lakh) and the balance in 24 easy instalments at prevailing bank interest rates.

Need for the 3-knife trimmer: Like in other industries, change is inevitable in the printing industry as well. The Indian print industry is changing at an intensive speed in the in-press operation – whereas at post-press stage it is still struggling with conventional binding operation mostly involving manual operation, be it folding or gathering the forms, etc. This takes six times more time vis-à-vis automated binding operations at this stage including trimming of the publications with a three-knife trimmer producing 90o cut publications.

Why choose Pramod Engineering: The company offers cost-effective post-press (binding) machines with international standards, with tried and tested technologies.

Why ‘Trim Star’: This three-knife trimmer has a unique feature - which matches any international standards and the speed of in-press machines productivity once it is used along with automatic folding and gathering machines. ‘Trim Star’ produces 15 cuts a minute at 80 mm pile height (or 900 book block cuts per hour of 80 mm or equivalent thickness).

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