Newly unveiled VIVID Chem outpours fresh quality in printing chemicals

Bringing a new dynamism in quality of pre-press and press-room chemicals to the Indian printing industry, VIVID Manufacturing Company Pvt Ltd is now opened at Sahibabad. This newly unveiled printing chemical manufacturer boasts of a range of products which are cost-effective and locally attuned. Rakesh Chauhan, marketing manager, VIVID Manufacturing Company Pvt Ltd shared Print & Publishing the way they are accelerating to change the paradigm of printing chemicals in the Indian printing industry.

Delighted to serve their customers with a new standard of printing chemicals which the Indian printing industry has never experienced, Rakesh Chauhan mentioned that VIVID Chem products have a fusion of international technology and Indian requirement produced with respect to the regional context. “Our technocrats know every minute requirement of the Indian printing industry which in turn helps them in taking complete care of what their customers want,” said Rakesh.

The newly opened VIVID Manufacturing Company which caters a range of VIVID Chem printing chemicals occupies an area of 800 sq m. A unique characteristic of VIVID Chem products is the cost effectiveness in India’s ever competitive printing environment where every rupee counts. “Customers are happy with our products which are very stable in high temperature even in a non air-conditioned production setup,” explained Rakesh adding that VIVID Chem chemicals are compatible with all types of printing presses which churn out varieties of commercial prints, books, packaging items, etc.

Product range

Maintaining the world-class standards in production process, VIVID Chem products are designed to give customers a complete satisfaction whether it could be in terms of quality, service and advice. “Of course, we assure quick service and availability of our products through our channel partners across the country,” said Rakesh adding that they will always be there for any sort of technical support or recommendation which their customers desire.

VIVID Chem range of products include: fountain solutions, washes, alcohol, roller & blanket care chemicals, plate cleaner & correction fluids, system care products, silicon emulsions, anti set-off spray powders, plate developers and more. “We believe that the products which have been produced in our unit are some of the best products ever developed in the Indian printing industry,” asserted Rakesh.

He further highlighted VIVID Manufacturing Company’s consciousness about eco-friendliness. “One of our steps towards environment friendliness is that we manufacture total alcohol-free chemicals,” explained Rakesh adding, “The level of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) in our fountain solutions is at zero percent as IPA is a banned substance worldwide. VIVID Manufacturing Company has busted the skepticism on impossibility of complete removal of IPA from printing chemicals.

Quality rules

Emergence of VIVID Manufacturing Company has eventually redefined the quality as well as cost-effectiveness of printing chemicals in the Indian printing market in a finest ever manner. “Our biggest challenge has been the way how VIVID Chem products can be delivered at 15 percent cheaper rates than what our competitors are catering in the current market,” remarked Rakesh. He smilingly conveyed that VIVID Chem products may be in an infant stage but we are capable enough to provide the same quality delivered by those companies which have been present in the industry for more than 30 years.

Channel partner

Profound association with JN Arora Group as its ‘channel partner’ is a big advantage which eventually boosts the business momentum of VIVID Manufacturing Company. JN Arora Group can be reckoned among the oldest firms which have traces in the Indian printing industry over the last 50 years. Though its five branches in Delhi, one each in Noida, Sahibabad, Ludhiana and a broad network of dealers across the country, JN Arora Group is marketing and distributing the VIVID Chem products. The group deals in a wide range of consumables used in offset, flexographic, security, screen graphics, screen textile, digital sublimation printing as well as arrays of adhesives and special tapes for various industries like printing, automotive and lots more.

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