IPAMA celebrates silver jubilee in the holy city of Golden Temple

The veterans of Indian printing and packaging sector from all India converged recently in Amritsar to commemorate the silver jubilee celebrations of the Indian Printing, Packaging and Allied Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (IPAMA). The celebrations kicked off with a special address by Mohamed Salim Al Musharrekh, board member, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry and by inaugurating the auspicious event.

The venue (Amritsar) was perfect being a holy city apart from fast becoming the hub of producing printing, packaging and binding machineries which almost fulfil 50 percent of demand of packaging machinery of India, with more than 250 units engaged in the production of such machineries.

KS Khurana, president, IPAMA addressed the audience and conveyed his wish and target to double up the exhibition space in the Printpack India 2015 from 12,500 sq m to 25,000 sq m. He was also happy with IPAMA’s active collaboration with AIFMP, after so many years and coaxed the IPAMA members to take part in the upcoming PAMEX 2013 – organised by the federation. Additionally, he asked the printers’ community to let the manufacturers know their precise requirements so that the specific machineries can be designed and produced accordingly. Khurana also welcomed the dignitaries from the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and called for more co-operations between the two organisations.

On the occasion, a historical publication in a nicely designed format, containing 25 years of glorious journey of IPAMA was formally released.At the occasion, Govind Bhargava, president, AIFMP, congratulated IPAMA on doing a wonderful job. He specially appreciated the label printing and other machineries manufactured by Indian manufacturers. CP Paul, general secretary, IPAMA added, “There is a need to curb the import of second hand machinery which is more than 10 years old.” He also cited the success of Printpack India 2013 and thanked everyone for being part of that.

More recently, IPAMA has tied up with Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry to host Print Pack Arabia 2014 (April 07-10, 2014). On the occasion, Mohamed Salim Al Musharrekh said that they are honoured to be associated with IPAMA and hoped that IPAMA can help their region by offering affordable machineries for the print industry. He also said, “This partnership will open up new avenues for the Indian manufacturers and will help in cementing their links further with India.” He wished a bright future for the collaboration of IPAMA and Sharjah Chamber of Commerce.

On the sidelines of the event, talking exclusively with Print & Publishing, Mohamed Salim informed that they also organise watches and jewellery B2C shows every year attracting around 60,000 visitors. World famous Sharjah Book Fair also belongs to their group. For Print Pack Arabia, they are targeting 150 exhibitors in the debut show. They will target GCC (The Gulf Cooperation Council) countries as well as Africa and Asia.

The 12th Printpack India 2015 was also announced by CP Paul, general secretary, IPAMA which will be organised in February 2015 in Delhi NCR.

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