Five modular digital enhancement accessory production tools from Scodix

Scodix, the leading provider of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry offers an array of digital enhancement accessory production tools. Headlining these offerings is Scodix Metallic, which recently received a 2013 Printing Industries of America InterTech Technology Award. Scodix Metallic is a digital process that enables service providers and their customers to enhance their prints with metallic colouring by simply utilizing the CMYK colour process via the Scodix SENSE digital press – all in a digital 1-pass print process.

According to Ziki Kuly, vice president of marketing, Scodix, “The last 12 months have marked a tremendous growth period for the company. Worldwide, our message of differentiation through print enhancements that stimulate multiple senses has gained consistent increasing acceptance and approval. In fact, our customers have become our most influential sales channel. We’re more than pleased with our global sales, the breadth and depth of our product line, and the increase in visibility of our message throughout the print community.

“Our mission is to enable our customers to significantly differentiate themselves through more sophisticated technology and services,” added Mr. Kuly, “Our newest features enable users to take these services to the next level. And, since our enhancement products are modular and field-upgradeable, our customers can easily add these new enhancements, increasing their value-add capabilities.”

Other modular digital production tools include Scodix Rainbow, the world’s first in-house digital inkjet glittering station producing the Scodix Digital Glittering experience. It is ideal for photo-album covers, marketing communication materials, cosmetics and premium packaging, business cards, wedding invitations and other short-run applications. While, the Scodix Inkjet-Braille printing technology is a breakthrough in providing communication tools for the blind and visually impaired. In addition to recreating standard raised Braille formats, the Scodix ink-jet Braille technology can also match visual graphics to tactile graphics that provide an unlimited opportunity to teach and communicate complex items and concepts (such as scientific elements, maps, geometric shapes, pie charts, flow charts, animal forms and plants). Unlike regular Braille, the letters and shapes created by Scodix stay raised at the same height and never flatten.

Scodix is the world’s first and only digital print enhancement company offering VDP using clear polymer or digital glittering. Scodix S Series empowers a PSP with the ability to offer clients enhancement on personalized products down to a unit of one (i.e. greeting cards, direct mail, calendars and more), with glittering or Scodix SENSE clear polymer impact. And, each variable can be enhanced independently.

Last, but not the least is the Scodix Barcode System and software, which can be used with VDP to guarantee data integrity on personalized jobs and enable each sheet to uniquely receive clear polymer on specific areas and type. In applications such as photo albums, users can apply clear polymer over an image or add a clear item on a page (chosen from easy-to-use templates). The Scodix Barcode reader is also useful to facilitate ganging production runs within your print workflow. These technologies would be displayed at print 13 (September 8-12, 2013, McCormick Place, Chicago, USA).

In India Scodix is represented by Monotech Systems Limited.

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