Punches, dies and other support for Indian printers

-Impressions’ Rajeev Oberoi, new agent for Baust products

“Printers in India deserve better… in the past, we have not given enough attention to the needs of printers in this important market,” admits Martin Plate, business development manager with Germany based Baust Stanztechnologie GmbH, “… but we’ll make it up fast through our new agent in India - Rajeev Oberoi, owner of Impressions.”

Impressions’ Rajeev Oberoi (right) and Baust’s Martin Plate at last drupa in Düsseldorf/Germany, planning to better serve the printers in India.Baust is an established manufacturer of high quality rotary punch tools. An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplier to over thirty manufacturers for decades, Baust engineers and supplies quality rotary tools, complete punching stations, as well as punches and dies, spares and consumables. “Baust traditionally have been focusing on German and neighboring markets, but we definitely see the need for our products in India too,” adds Martin. Dialogue between Rajeev and Baust was initiated during drupa 2012 and distribution model finalized recently. Baust’s owner Franz Baust is happy and shares, “With Impressions’ Rajeev Oberoi, we now have an experienced partner who supports our philosophy of not just selling products but also believes in extra value with expertise, support, service and consultancy to Baust customers in India.”

The product range…

Baust’s comprehensive range of products includes consumables, such as punches and dies; cutting and perforating wheels; crimp locks, collator crimps; cutting rules and perforation blades. Besides, as one of the pioneer manufactures, Baust’s long lasting sets of punch and die rings for business forms and computer stationery, they have not only kept on developing this technology close to perfection for endless paper, but extended its use far beyond into many other applications (tickets, labels, packaging) and materials (carton, plastic, metal). Today, one can find Baust Rotational punching units even in the most demanding high-speed manufacturing lines for metal rails and studs as used in drywall construction and building industries. For post print, converting, as well as in-line applications (e.g. with digital printers) Baust supplies complete continuous / single sheet punching units for file holes, spiral or plastic comb binders. Apart from the standard tools and dies, Baust also carry a wide range of special tools, in many shapes, designs and configurations. Their engineers also design and offer engineer-to-order punching tools or complete units.

Distributors’ credential…

Impressions were incorporated in the year 1988, with the objective of providing consultancy services in the field of printing (gravure & offset) and thereafter into packaging as well. Baust products shall solely compliment Impressions’ existing range of products and services. For more info, visit www.BAUST.de or www.rajeevoberoi.com

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