Commendable machines/technologies that enhance print and processes innovatively

PEIAC Awards

On the lines of innovations being reported by many worldwide organizations like GATF (Graphic Arts Technical Foundation), PEIAC (Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China) awarded various accolades to a select group of companies who have innovated machines and/or technologies to enhance existing equipments to benefit the users largely. These commendations have been divided into three segments as 1st prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize. We give hereunder the descriptions of eight prize winners in first prize category, 17 in second and six in the third category. It could be a real motivating effort for all the manufacturers of printing and allied machinery which will eventually help the users to enhance their productivity as well as the production quality, to a higher level.

First Prize Winners

The development of high speed one around offset press

Innovation by: GOSS Graphic Systems (China) Co Ltd

Electrical Control Part: Advanced shaftless technology help achieve accurate printing drive control and ensure high quality production. Computer center with profibus and ethernet electrical control system help enhance accuracy and synchronization. Register and ink control system combines with ethernet and profibus. Ethernet LAN connect with computer and CtP system, it can achieve ink presenting function with gaining printing data. CtP system and auto register monitor carry out data connection to improve printing productivity.

Printing Part: In line cylinder layout can keep pressure stable. Four cylinders using three race bearing with bearer can ensure stable running during long time high speed process. Each ink couple has pneumatic ink through off gear and can be controlled as required.

Folder Part: Lower former has 12 webs at maximum and upper former has 4 webs at maximum. Folder has collection function and can achieve quick switch over from collection to no collection by motorized button. Photo electrical web jam detection and removing device can achieve quick response to protect the folder safe.

Foil stamping/die cutting combination
machine with stripping ‘Duopress MK21060STE’

Innovation by: Masterwork Machinery Co Ltd

Competitive prices and cost reduction are key to survival in the 21st century printing industry and the use of new technology and improved production techniques are essential to maintain a good market share. The Duopress MK21060STE can meet the exacting requirements in the post press marketplace. This machine has the ability to accurately register foiling and die cutting processes in one pass which traditional machine processes are unlikely to deliver. It will bring a value added enjoyment.

Having a unique new design concept it is an ideal machine for foil stamping and die cutting in one seamless operation, which improves production and reduces labour costs without any reduction in efficiency or quality. Foil stamping, die cutting, stripping and blanking is ultimate in customization, specially designed for demanding jobs. And with more automatic features, reduced manual labour, the pneumatic delivery curtain for continuous running the new stripping and blanking unit can easily be changed, to accommodate foil stamping. The stripping preparation unit allows the operator to pre set the jobs, which is a great time saving benefit with optional vacuum feeder and pneumatic side lays.

Web–fed foil stamping/die cutting combination machine ‘MK3920SW’

Innovation by: Masterwork Machinery Co Ltd

With the integrate of cigarette industry, variety of cigarette become less and less, single species production continues to increase the cigarette packaging equipment production efficiency have become increasingly demanding. MK3920SW foils stamping/die cutting combination with stripping machine emerge at a historic moment. The device to take web paper and web delivery work, according to the demand for cigarette packaging equipment technology products finished cutting large sheets can also be increased according to actual needs, mold cutting, stripping, points associated line detection function unit. Take leave of sheet–fed waste, pass into the new era of high automation and multistage modularization. Without the blank of gripper edge, It can help clients reduce material cost by a big margin that rate of finished products is over 2.5 percent.

As world’s first creation which produces foil stamping, die stamping, die cutting, stripping and blanking separation process in one pass. It reduces production schedules, cut human costs, reduce rejection rate, improve quality of packages and increase efficiency with unified centerline system. Improved foil control systems have been designed to ensure accurate foil feeding and create greater foil saving benefits. The high degree of automation, expand slitting, rewinding, die cutting, stripping, on line print quality testing process can be configured according to the demand of different units and plate making cycle is short, low cost, easy to operate.

Shaftless transmission in–line rotogravure press ‘AZJ series FR300’

Innovation by: Shanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co Ltd

This machine is mainly suitable for printing flexible packaging substrates such as plastic find (with the function of reverse printing); print speed: 300m/min; it adopts fully servo shaftless driving system, which is integrated with tension control and remote control; in–feed adopts double–tension control system; double working positions for cutters at reminder; self–whirling type cooling roller; print trolley; new and efficient fully–closed oven; easy to operate, energy saving, and environmentally friendly.

High speed automatic binding line ‘JMD – 8000’

Innovation by: JMD Machinery Corporation Limited

The fully integrated perfect binding solution Superbinder 8000 binding system offers an extraordinary level of productivity and efficiency. Using a 21-clamp perfect binder and a gatherer, with speed up to 8000 books per hour, Superbinder features high performance, quality consistency and system automation for major setups, high performance and efficient short make ready and changeover time.

RXJ series web-fed CI flexo printing press

Innovation by: Shanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co Ltd

As an advanced CI flexo printing press, this machine is mainly suitable for printing plastic film and paper, especially for printing the materials prone to warping, such as PE, at high speed. Water based ink and alcohol based ink can be used to meet the environmental and energy saving requirements. The print unit belongs to the construction of CI. The un-winder and reminder both adopt the duplex turrets, adhesive zone detection, and reel diameter detection, which can fulfill automatic cut, and non-stop splice with splice alarm. The residue value can be set in the HMI. Enclosed double – doctor inking system is adopted. Fully enclosed servo tension control ensures the register accuracy at speed up/slow down. Low tension detection is particularly suitable for the materials prone to warping.

Medium web offset press for newspaper ‘Beiren 75A’

Innovation by: Beiren Printing Machinery Holdings Limited

This press employs advanced shaft less technology. Each of its B–B printing unit and the upper and lower parts of its folder are independently driven by servo motors that run in step via its electrical control with less discrepancy and less make ready time while the printing units are off for plate change and cleaning.

Two vertical H-type printing units take less space, the cylinder perimeter is twice the cut off size, good for simultaneous 2–page colour printing and various job combinations like 4+1, 4+2 colours, spot colour and multi-web leads, etc, with max speed of 75000 sph with a high speed folder technology from Seiken, Japan in 2:3:3 ratios for rolling type folding with its collecting and straight folding exchangeable over the console. It has Diameter adjustable transfer cylinder for different paper running configuration and centralized human-computer interface for timely trouble indication with PLC and networked communication system for inks control.

Energy saving paper cutter

Innovation by: Deyang Litong Printing Machinery Co Ltd

Litong energy saving paper cutter, based on traditional Litong paper cutter, is equipped with patented energy saving system. Comparing to other traditional paper cutters, Litong energy saving paper cutter products are able to save more than 25 percent energy consumption. It represents the top level of energy saving technology internationally. Litong energy saving paper cutter is the next generation of paper cutter featured with low power consumption, high precision, high speed, large cutting force, high safety and fast braking. Litong energy saving paper cutter won “Green Equipment” award in the Green Printing in China 2011.

Second Prize Winners

Non-flip and efficient sheet-fed offset perfector ‘JP40’

Innovation by: Shanghai GuangHua Printing Machinery Co Ltd

The non-flip perfector is able to give a high quality printing with simultaneous auto plate change; double sides conjugate cam (shockless system); simultaneous cleaning blanket cylinder and impression cylinder efficient and environment friendly.

Digital UV CtP: further improving the stability of the machine

Innovation by: Hangzhou Cron Machinery and Electronics Co Ltd

The design and manufacturing process of the drum adopt the company’s existing thermal CtP technology; The modulation drive mode of the 405 mm laser, the technical requirements of the drive module include: accuracy and stability of the power supply circuit, 50-400 mA precise and continuously adjustable laser diode drive output with the constant current, more than 2 MHz switching modulation of the laser diode driver output, automatically adjusting the output power of the locking laser (require less than 3 percent);

The imaging optical system design, requiring efficiency transmission of the laser fiber, various imaging precision-automatically switching and adjusting the high precision and multi channel optical technology first, achieve 64-channel laser scanning, then, achieve 128–channel laser scanning gradually, in order to further improve the output efficiency of UV–CtP equipment; the high speed image data transmission and buffering technology; remote diagnosis and control technology, self diagnosis of the equipment; improve manufacture precision of the drum, rails and screws, etc. Based on the thermal CtP, it improves the stability of the machine further, and screen the elements with hidden peril.

Digital, intelligent, modular designed automatic perfect binding line

Innovation by: Shanghai PURLUX Machinery Co Ltd

The automatic perfect binding line is large/middle scale binding equipment developed by Shanghai PURLUX Machinery Co Ltd, which has more than ten years’ experience of perfect binding line. There are flexible ways of gluing, one can choose traditional EVA gluing, also can choose green PUR gluing. Its stable mechanical running at high speed, convenient and quick way of adjustment, perfect and reliable detection system, easy maintenance system, stable and reliable machine quality, thoughtful, humanization of modular design, and cost effective machine, become the preferred binding equipment for the various printing enterprise.

Automatic sewing machine ‘JMD Diamond-110’

Innovation by: JMD Machinery Corporation Limited

Diamond-110 automatic sewing machine is a new automatic sewing machine with a maximum speed of 130 signatures per minute. It can perform either standard sewing or staggered sewing with excellent quality. When operator piles signatures in the signature stacker, Diamond-110 automatically finishes all other sewing processes including signature feeding, opening, sewing, sewn signature block separating and delivery.

High speed 5000 type compressible, blanket

Innovation by: Shanghai Xinxing Printing Equipment Co Ltd

Strong universality; appropriate to dot and text printing on solvent resistant compound and micro ground; good tolerance level, wide ranging print; good ink transfer, appropriate to various papers; strong solvent resistant, moderate hardness and compressibility; low Stretch, good paper release, good rebound property; strong solvent resistant, high smash and edge marking resistance; strongest impact withstands capability and minimal dot gain, even compressibility, appropriate to high quality printing are some of the applicability of this high speed 5000 type compressible, blanket X3 Automatic cutting system Innovation by: Shanghai Shen Wei Da Machinery Co Ltd The improved features such as cutting optimization and clamp optimization raise the efficiency of paper cutter. Also, through using X3 automatic cutting system, the stand by time of cutter are obviously reduced. The test shows that a single cutter works 50 percent more efficiently.

Through independent research CIP3, CIP4 data interface software, the controller of cutter communicates between the pre-press software. With researching the JDF standard, cracking its data model, converting to the format which controller could read, the controller of cutter create the cutting programme, and convert into a crop program to the user.

The ultimate realization of the automatic generation of the cutting programme and read data files, automatically adjust the unloading opening size of the machine, making the complex X3 automatic cutting system simple operation.

Through the modular design concept and integrated control concept, previously set up a separate auxiliary unit and cutter host of organic integration, more convenient communication between the agencies to be simpler, more effective control, to further enhance the efficiency of the production line.

The programmable logic controller logically controls the implementing agencies synergy and synthesis of movement reducing the time of the interface between each action, raise the efficiency of unloading. The use of modular pneumatic valve island structure, the deployment of the corresponding function valve plate, the executive body of the function module is optional, and could reduce the wiring work of moving parts.

Four color sheet-fed offset press ‘BR624’

Innovation by: BEIREN Group Corporation

Specifications: Matic continuous dampening system, Front guide with blowing, Ultrasonic type detector for double sheets, Automatic centralized oiling, system, Pneumatic cylinder ON/OFF, Vertical Image Micro Adjustment / ateral Image Micro Adjustment, Powder spraying device, Electrostatic eliminator, Ink remote control system and Ink preset system.

Offset press ‘Multicolor HG58–4’

Innovation by: Weifang Huaguang Precision Machinery Cow Ltd

Semi automatic plate loading, alcohol dampening system, three point suspended impression mechanism, ink supply system / zone control and cylinder bearer are some of the innovative features of Multicolor HG58–4’ offset press.

Automatic die cutting machine with stripping ‘EC – 106E’

Innovation by: Shanghai Yawa Printing Machinery Co Ltd

With main features like segment gear indexing system, the machine ensures a smooth and stable transport of paper. Meanwhile, the endurance of machine prolongs reducing the impact on whole machine when running at a high speed with this structure. Adopting new revolving opening gripper bars the grippers are much less in weight than YAWA’s previous products, but much better in strength. Both of the merits contribute to running at higher speed. The position of grippers is able to be adjusted from either left or right side, which increases flexibility when producing products.

The new double elbow structure keeps the movable platen stable when running at the pressure of 250T (Variation of the platens distances become liner). The die cutting is more stable and setting time becomes less. The new side lays can fit to all kinds of paper running stably under the condition of fast speed. At the same time it’s very easy to adjust.Adopting the mechanic double shooting inspection becomes reliable. The new front lays can be sorted into two groups and adjusted separately. Simple and reliable structure makes it possible to keep the front lay registering stably and accurately. New developed mechanism gives gently gripper bar registration, and high precision.

Printing machine ‘GH524S’

Innovation by: Hans – Gronhi Graphic Technology Co Ltd

Its plate ink form roller oscillating device controls the oscillation of both the plate form roller and the shaft by ink oscillating roller. Ink oscillating device with adjustable required quantity adjusts the length of roller arm by changing the crank radius so the oscillating quantity can be adjusted. Line styled alignment of transfer cylinder is scratch proof, easy for processing, and the structure of it is not a whole circle. 52cm format with four working units, and double diameter impression cylinder shorten the times for sheet transferring, improve the sheets’ transmission accuracy, avoid sheets deformation makes sure the print quality in case of thicker sheets. Diagonal adjustment of the electric push rod on sheets transfer cylinder adopts diagonal fine adjustment with the electric push rod.

Fully automatic rigid box making machinery

Innovation by: Zhejiang Zhongke Packing Machinery Co Ltd

The innovation lies in this product first cardboard forming, position and four corner angel sticking adjusting link gear, which can be finished in one process. Innovative designed paper laminating, folding linkage double composite membrane can be finished at pre box position, pressing, paper lamination and folding in one process. The product has a positioning accuracy, reliable work, productivity characteristics.

It fills the gap, and the technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. The product is a set mechanical, electrical, optical, magnetic, gas in one multi process synchronization chain operation high technical content, automation excellent and stable performance, smooth operation, high packaging efficiency and good applicability.

It has successfully developed and implemented to industrialization. The paper packaging industry will completely upgrade the traditional hand-made way to significantly improve production efficiency, fully meet the health and environmental requirements, to gain competitive advantage and achieve higher economic efficiency of the packing plant.

Programme control paper cutting machine equipped with remote diagnosis and programme generation Innovation by: Zhejiang Huayue Packing Machinery Co Ltd Equipped with fault diagnostic, realizing the sharing and compatibility of data with printer they develop programme control paper cutting machine which equipped with remote monitoring system and CIP4 JDF capability.

The machine adopts frequency control drive, control back gauge feed, realize fast movement and low speed dynamic braking location, to overcome the disadvantage of big error caused by microcomputer interference, due to DC motor drive and magnetic clutch braking, to arrive the high requirement of back gauge location precision and repeat accuracy < = 0.01 mm.

With the patent technique of “labor saving type knife structure” (ZL 200910155807.1), lift cutting performance and cutting precision; With the patent technique of “adjustable knife position type cutting structure” (ZL 201010622218.2), make paper cutter knife locating reliable, adjustment convenient, higher precision, and saving time.

Surrounded folding machine ZYHD780B–RD with electrical knife

Innovation by: Changsha ATA Printing Machinery Co Ltd

With simplify the drive system, optimize the platen system, improve the folding roller movement smoothness and the grabbing paper strength, enhance the rigidity of the folding frame and buckle plates, research the paper and air feeding technology, improve parallel fold, vertical third and fourth fold, the machine speeds a lot.

With servo mechanism control technology to replace the electromagnetic clutch control knife, overcome the shortcomings of mechanical transmission and clutch control, independent servo – driven electric control knife device make the folding knife more stable, more fast and more precise. Combine power technology, micro electronics, information technology, computer software and mechanical manufacturing together perfectly.

Rotary sheet feeding realizes sheet feeding without braking machine, can improve the work efficiency greatly up to 20%. Compared with import ones, this machine added one control knife, can achieve the functions from souvenir sheets to four parallel folds and three vertical folds, cost – effective, to further improve the functions more perfectly.

Four color offset press ‘WIN564’

Innovation by: Weihai Printing Machinery Co Ltd

Heavy duty mechanism structure, cast iron pedestal frame cylinders, etc, have the good intension and tenacity, ensuring high stability and good printing impression. Under swing feeder, paper transferring structure is used high point gripper closed structure, ensuring paper transferring system more stably.

Double diameter impression cylinder and triple diameter transferring cylinder are available, reducing the times of paper connection, improving register precision. Plate cylinder and blanket cylinder go through with bearer, running stably, ensure qualified printing image.

Plate adjustment function in vertical, lateral and cocking position with the minimum adjustment is based on 0.01mm, saving auxiliary adjustment time. Special design in paper feed head, paper board, front lay, gripper and other equipments, ensuring all kinds of thick and thin paper printing. Paper feed continuously and stably, more suitable for thick and thin paper printing. Pneumatic control system ensure the press more stably with high precision imported bearing and helical gears, ensuring cylinder impression even in the high speed rotation.

Chromed cylinder prolongs the operation life. Automatic centralized oiling system prolongs the working life. Operators are under protection because of the installation of safety guards and safety devices. Semi automatic plate loader and tightening equipment make the plate loading more easy and convenient. Shorten plate changing time, improving working efficiency.

Vacuum sucker table, 3 sucker type paper feed tape insures all kinds of paper conveying. Blower sucker and suction wheel are available in paper delivery section ensuring the paper delivery both in high and low rotation. Alcohol dampening solution continuous water feed ensuring water balance during printing. Automatic water volume tracking device the water volume could be changed according to the running speed of the machine after the water volume fixed.

Auto ink roller cleaning equipment shortens cleaning time and increases the colour changed speed, reduces the labor work of operator with (OPTIONAL) Remote ink control (OPTIONAL) PLC device and touch – screen operation.

High speed and high precision automatic die cutting and foil stamping machine

Innovation by: Shanghai Yoco Printing Machinery Co Ltd

The machine has the function of both at length and width double stamping, such as automatic stamping and die cutting, which covers the full size of the area double stamping and hot stamping machine is vertical or horizontal foil method and adduction, colleting waster electrochemical aluminum foil at inner or outer of the machine for users to choose.

High precision sending foil hot stamping, equipped with the function of high speed following electrochemical aluminum foil conveying and tension control servo drive system, by means of the PLC control and touch screen man and machine interface, the machine can realize the man and machine dialogue and fault diagnosis.

The project of new product research and development of hot stamping machine with hot stamping, ordinary holographic hot stamping, the element face silver hot stamping and mixed hot stamping, and other functions; blowing time controllable new blowing stripping system and twelve areas high – power electric heating plate control.

New platform for die cutting drive technology: a new type without dead point double toggle lever mechanism, improved the dynamic property of mechanism, eliminate the phenomenon of the “boring”

The sector gear with tooth clutch intermittent transmission technology is first adopted in the domestic, improve the gripper paper tooth row position stiffness and accuracy and the running stability of the whole machine, especially under the condition of high speed operation.

With the function of automatically cleaning waste and finished product collection (finished product): adopt move away waste of conjugate CAM drive mechanism and error compensation of conjugate CAM mechanism on the box and the combination spring damping device, improve the waste and finished product box moving stability and reliability of the finished product.

Paper cutting machine with advance technology and equipment ‘QZKC1550A’

Innovation by: Changchun Printing Machinery Co Ltd

On the basis of traditional paper cutting machine, cutting for PS version, PTC has developed specialized features. The products technical level has reached domestic leading level and obtained four patents.

Product using the combination of touch screen and PLC, with trim, self test and fault message feature and product using infrared optical protection, overload protection, electronic security lock, air cushion work table, joint on knife and fast change. Set of optical mechanical, electrical, such as in the integration of advanced technology and equipment.

High speed automatic combined saddle stitching line ‘SH100’

Innovation by: Huanan GHGS Machinery & Electronics Co Ltd

Detected by the legal department and users, relevant technical requirements of various performance indicators have reached the industry standard [JB/TI0824 - 2008] and user. And passed the Anhui province science and technology achievement appraisal organized by Department of science and technology, identification report shows the product of the project overall technical performance has reached the domestic leading level of similar products.

SH100 High speed automatic combined saddle stitching Line is a kind of printing and binding equipment, consisting of a page unit, folding target page, riding the stapler, book machine and electrical control of three parts such as cutting surface, can automatically complete the book cover note, a stapler, cover folding, three shear cumulative count after output process.

Third Prize Winners

YDGX automatic blanket and ink roller cleaning equipment for offset printing press

Innovation by: Ningbo Jiuyuan Lubrication Equipment Manufacturing Co Ltd

YDGX automatic blanket and ink roller cleaning equipment for offset printing press base with our new patent “one cleaning equipment with new roller system” (patent number: ZL201010108096, 5) and patent number : 201010129930.9). The cleaning system consistent with YQGK control box, DXG roller cleaning equipment (each colour unit mount one cleaning equipment) and pipeline accessories, etc.

The system analysis of working performance and innovation research of key technology on printing equipment

Innovation by: Xi’an University of Technology Haiyan Zhang

Gravure printing machine intelligent green drying device

Innovation by: Hangzhou Yuehua Printing and Packaging Machinery Co Ltd

Cooling and heating technology is tightly coupled in this technology invention for best drying energy consumption efficiency. This technology is to recycle extra heat from refrigeration equipment, and also make refrigeration equipment a better performance, which is environmental friendly and energy saving.

PMZ – GIR High – speed automatic digital inkjet printing system

Innovation by: Shanghai Dragon Printing Machinery Co Ltd

This machine is used for digital inkjet printing sheet by sheet on printed paper, suitable in the fields of medial, food packaging, lottery, ticket, bill note and cards.

Dual servo group unit flexo press

Innovation by: Weifang Donghand Graphic Technology Inc

The Dual Servo Motor Flexo Press mainly makes the plate cylinder and impression cylinder be driven by separated servo motor. The plate cylinder servo drives adopts the ingenious patent technology, which gets rid of the disadvantage of the synchronous slide of the servo motor and the plate cylinder.

Environment protection product without oil ink special embossing machine

Innovation by: WENZHOU SANXIN Printing Machinery Co Ltd

It can reflect the main performance of the machine on delicate printing roller surface, light lines through deep embossing print pressure will surface polishing grain directly to the gold and silver card printing pressure or PET film, special paper, etc. It can form the refraction pattern, laser lines, grinding lines and ice pattern, bump, etc, which is an international graph the adaptive high grade wine box, cosmetic box, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, cigarette cartons and calendars and posters of the ideal post press processing machinery and equipment.

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