Kamala Printing Press ably ensures timely delivery with best quality

The arrival of the new Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 at Kamala Printing Press has rejuvenated the printing business at Varanasi like never before. The new equipment is garnering a lot of attention and attracting quality assignments for the entire printing network, Anjani Kumar Singh, director of Kamala Printing Press, has created over the years. -with installation of first-ever brand new Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 four-colour press at Varanasi

Anjani Kumar Singh with the brand new Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 four-colour pressStarting out as a small-scale carton manufacturer in the late 80s, Kamala Printing Press ventured into commercial printing in 1995 with a four-colour offset press and continued to expand their production facility. The latest addition to their collection is the gleaming ‘Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74’ four-colour press.

Bringing in the latest Heidelberg technology has helped Kamala Printing Press make a significant difference in job delivery times. With the acceleration in the production process, the volume of work has risen dramatically at Kamala Printing, especially from the eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh. Nalanda Sahitya Sadan, a West Bengal-based educational publisher, now gets all its books printed by Kamala Printing Press, due to the Speedmaster SM 74, while earlier, about eighty percent of their printing work was done in Delhi and Kolkata.

“With the Speedmaster SM 74 press, we now deliver print jobs within 24 hours, which otherwise would take 4-5 days earlier,” says Anjani, who is still a little dazed about the flurry of new business activity, ever since installing a brand new Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74. Despite being a new customer of Heidelberg, Anjani admits to being a long time and ardent admirer of its quality. “There is nothing better than a Heidelberg press when it comes to performance and productivity. Although I never used Heidelberg equipment before, but always dreamed of buying one whenever possible,” he says.

With production speed of up to 15,000 sheets per hour, the brand new Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74 press processes a wide range of printing substrates, from thin paper to board, ranging in thickness from 0.03 mm (0.0012 inches) to 0.6 mm (0.024 inches). Automation components like AutoPlate reduce make-ready and setup times phenomenally compared to other presses. The other features include a speed-compensated Alcolor dampening system for brilliant print results and the Prinect Easy Control colour measuring system for reducing paper waste levels. The Prinect Prepress Interface in the Speedmaster SM 74 helps reduce manual tasks by almost 30 percent, and minimize errors, allowing employees to focus on improving print quality.

Anjani is also suitably impressed with the after-sales support from Heidelberg, a comfort he never enjoyed with other suppliers. “Servicing second-hand machines is a nightmarish experience,” he shudders at the memory and adds, “Suppliers were not willing to take any responsibility for service after installation. It was tough to even get spares when the machines were down. But, Anjani is a happy customer now, witnessing that Heidelberg is committed to making after-sales service a hassle-free experience for clients.

Kamala Printing Press is currently utilizing the Speedmaster SM 74 up to a capacity of seventy percent in multiple shift operations. The current production facility has two four-colour presses with complete postpress solutions along with a folder gluer and die-cutter. Meanwhile, Anjani’s trust in Heidelberg is growing by leaps and bounds. “When you want the best technology, you must go with Heidelberg,” he says with a conviction that can come only with true faith. Anjani has one more stop to make. He believes there is something missing in his press - a Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102. Well, the day may not be far off!

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