Esko Graphics India's new office and training center inaugurated in Bengaluru

-Move to larger premises underlines growth and addresses broadening market opportunities

Strong growth opportunities in South Asia, and in particular India, have prompted Esko to move to new office in Bengaluru, India. In the august presence of senior members of management of Esko and their oldest customers from India, Shilp Gravures, the new office and training center of Esko Graphics India Pvt Ltd was formally inaugurated in Bengaluru in the last week of March, 2013. The availability of a Kongsberg XN table for sample making and short-run production within the premises will help the companies to get their operators trained methodologically and updated regularly with all newer versions of software as well.

On the occasion Carsten Knudsen, CEO, Esko commented, "There is a palpable air of optimism in the Indian market as major brand owners localise their production to meet the growing local consumer demands. Through our broad array of technologies, Esko can help print and packaging operations to deliver cost-effective, consistent and high-quality solutions. Opening new premises underpins our commitment to supporting businesses in the region as well as to our important and growing teams of global software development and support. We are confident that our local organisation will continue to contribute to the growing success of Esko."

He also mentioned about the capabilities with what Esko has been serving the packaging prepress industry to the tune of 70 percent marketing share and says, "Though the challenges are many like: complexity of shapes in ever growing packaging designs, wide varieties of substrates, reproducing brand colours accurately, specialty inks requirements, costs, turnaround times and regulatory pressures, etc, Esko has been able to address all these to the maximum extent. In fact Esko has always believed in offering business models comprising of solutions targeting effectively at digital flexo, cutting and software front." Talking about the flagship fortune 200, NYSE listed company – Danaher, their owner company, Carsten also mentioned about – Quality, Delivery, Cost and Innovations as their key 'mantras' to offer world over and believed strongly in that.

As Ambar Patel, managing director Shilp Gravures stated, looking back at the long relation with Esko: "We are very pleased to be associated with Esko since 1996 being their first customer in India when it was called Barco Graphics. There had been lot of developments over the years in Esko's application software and we being all the time with them are the beneficiaries of this development. It helped us to grow in better way than our peers by providing our industry enhanced quality of gravure cylinders thanks to processing of jobs through Esko's software."

In one to one interaction with SK Khurana editor, P&P, it was revealed that internationally the revenue generations for Esko Graphics has been in proportion of 50:50 in respect of hardware and software as against 60:40 in India. This means in India they find a larger possibility of investment on software front in near future by packaging companies. With the acquisition of Esko by 'Danaher Group' the excellence of new product developments has been shaping with greater extent," informed Carsten. And because of that they have been able to keep pace equally in meeting the requirements of day-to-day packaging designs.

Talking about Indian perspective, Hoshi Deboo, president Asia Pacific & Japan, Esko Singapore said that their company shall always ensure proportionate number of service staff in India commensurate with the installation base of hardware and software licenses. "South Asia, and in particular India, have become buoyant and robust markets with a strong drive for automation, standardization and quality assurance," continued Hoshi Deboo, adding, "Our growth in this market has continued to such an extent that the timing to move to larger premises is perfect. It puts us in a strong position to ensure that our customers are fully supportive to make the most of today´s opportunities."

Answering to a question about the possibility to initiate an hardware manufacturing facility in India, Carsten declined it at this point of time, though they do have a large software development center in Bengaluru. "With cross utilization of technology and HRD between Danaher and Esko, greater talent developments may continue to grow," mentioned Carsten while concluding. Jai Shankar Krishnan, president & CEO, Danaher India was also present on the occasion.

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