Printers Guild stands for welfare of the industry

Under a firm mission to empower and support printers across the region, Printers Guild in Nagpur is an association formed by some of the local industry leaders who feel the market pulse. Seminars, workshops, meets and beneficial schemes are some of the activities which this regional printers' association has been implementing for the welfare of the industry. Atul Tapas, president and Shrikant Kandge, former-president, Printers Guild talk to Jyaneswar Laishram of Print & Publishing revealing what this association is up to. Establishment of Printers Guild in the year 1972 opened up a new horizon of benefits and opportunities for the fraternity of printers in Nagpur city as well as Maharashtra as a whole. "We have 170 members in the association among them nine are designated as committee members and four office bearers," said Atul Tapas. The current portfolio of office bearers are: Atul Tapas, president; Ashok Kothari, vice president; Arvind Mardikar, secretary; Umesh Mendhekar, joint secretary; and Hariharan Murarka, treasurer.

Technical seminars

Atul Tapas and Shrikant Kandge"We would like to bring everyone in the Nagpur printing market under an umbrella body in which every single entrepreneur can discuss, share and interact with one another to accomplish a cordial relationship and mutual understanding that eventually can eliminate unhealthy competitions among us," stated Atul Tapas while asserting the mission statement of Printers Guild.

Printers Guild regularly organises seminars, workshops and get-togethers from time-to-time to keep the market trends updated among industry fellows. "When CtP was first introduced in Nagpur, we invited experts from TechNova and Kodak to hold seminars on the new printing technology," mentioned Shrikant Kandge. He further stated that their latest technical seminar as a meet on Adobe Premiere software.

Printers' Day

One of the landmark activities which Printers Guild has been proud of would be its 'Printers' Day' organised on February 14 every year. "On this day, we invite all the printers in the region to the programmes designed to educate and inform about new developments around the industry," said Atul. Recently, Printers' Guild in association with All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) executed a meet on developmental aspects of the region's printing industry. More than 250 industry people from all over India attended the convention.

Ultimate welfare

Printers Guild is ready to tackle anything for the welfare of the printing fraternity in Nagpur. "We immediately file petition to the court whenever problems/complains regarding price irregularities or so coming from our members," mentioned Atul adding that every single move which Printers Guild has taken up so far is under the humanitarian ground to bring harmony in business.

"We are very much aware about the product rates and price irregularities in the region's printing market," said Atul. He conveyed that Printers Guild is now in its maiden mission to offer its members some subsidised printing materials. "What we are considering in the first place is ink, which can be followed by other consumables or products one after another. We are planning to select 15 members initially who would get subsidised ink. In turn, Printers Guild would pay the truncated (subsidised) amounts to ink suppliers," he affirmed.

Summing up the overall activities of Printers Guild, Atul heralded a final message which he would like to reach it across to all printing industry professionals across the nation. He mentioned that the main agenda of whatever programme they have ventured through the association always had a memorandum to intercept all unhealthy competitions among industry fellows.

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