‘Book binding is an art, perfected by scientific machines’

explains NS Manku of Joy D-Zign Engineers Pvt Ltd, the manufacturers of inexpensive machines for book binding in India. The joy of print...

This issue of Print & Publishing could not have come out at a better time, the New Delhi World Book Fair, which enthralled the book lovers and society at large from February 4-10, 2013. Many people predicted the demise of Books by Microchip, it has not happened yet and we don’t envisage the same to happen ever. Books are the means to immortality, the character never truly dies. Books are a parallel universe in which you might be a newcomer but never a stranger. TV & Computers - you can surely get entertainment and information from both. But can they ever match the soul-satisfying experience of a book. The feel and musky smell of a print and the hidden mystery in words is unmatched by anything else. Surrounded as we are by glitzy gadgets and gizmos, there cannot be a better gift for a child or an adult than aesthetically presented Hard or Soft Bound Book.

For all this and what will follow, experts believe that numero uno invention has been the moving type and the Printing Press. Its creation made all these others possible. Books became easily available and brought a revolution in literacy and hence education changed the way people thought, worked, communicated and even worshipped. Books put an end to the dark ages of ignorance and made knowledge available to everyone irrespective of social, caste or financial standing. Books have proven to be the biggest equalizer--without doubt. Back in the 15th century, Europe, before printing came along, a 500 page book may cost the same as a small house. Thank God that we are living in a time where we don’t have to choose between reading and housing.

Book binding...

N S MankuBooks are bound in many different styles varying according to their age, value and the use to which they are to be put. The high standards required for expensive fine binding are as good today as at any period in the binding history. Binding operations in most presses and binding houses in India and similar developing countries have so far been dependent upon skills and efficiency of the manual work-force employing a range of ancient and painstaking techniques. This skill is normally acquired through years of experience gained only by long and repeated practice under expert guidance of senior members of the family, as binding has traditionally been family-oriented craft/trade. Deskilling of binding operation is worries as the next generation of these families do not want to take up this profession because of the manual labour involved and the prevailing working environment. There is a dire need for training the binders for the coming times and in this respect the manufacturers have added responsibility to impart training to the young aspirants and design machines catered to the need of the industry.

Automating the book binding process...

Binding books is immensely satisfying but hand skills are insufficient by themselves for a complete appreciation of the craft. The trade should become familiar with the latest trends in book design and the scientific advances in the machines and materials in which the future of the craft lies.

JOY studied the industry and the binding houses in Germany, England and other developed countries e.g. Japan & USA etc and compared those with the culture prevailing in India and accordingly set up manufacturing facility to address all segments of binding industry in 1995. The primary objective of the total commitment has been to develop inexpensive machines that are compact in size, low on electric power requirement, simple to operate by applying latest Hydraulic Technology for producing books (Soft or Hard Cover) of uniform and consistent quality. Over 2500 machines have been installed in India, Bangkok, Bhutan, Canada, Dubai, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda & USA etc. These cater to handling folded signatures to finishing Hard-bound Books and Exercise Note Books.

JOY D-Zign Engineers Pvt Ltd operates from 45,000Sq.Ft area. With its experience and knowledge of Book-binding acquired in the past three decades and reflected in the competence, quality standards and dedication of experienced team of engineers and technicians are always in search of new solutions for producing excellent finished books and stationery items through the most economical means. A constant dialogue with our customers and suppliers ensures to produce superior products that satisfy the need of end-users. The JOY range of Special Purpose Systems for BOOK Binders is being expanded at regular intervals and keeping with the tradition, the company will be launching new products pinning & folding with the option of back squaring inline; three knife trimmer; paper counting and tabbing machines etc. during the forthcoming Printpack India 2013.

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