Meeting Frank Romano through Scodix

At the studio of acclaimed artist/publisher Tom Zotos in Halifax, Massachusetts, Tom surprised a visiting Frank Romano with an original art piece that uniquely highlights his many global accomplishments, in terms of both, industry leadership, innovation and educational activities. The poster-sized artwork depicts printing’s earliest innovation, the printing press of Johannes Gutenberg, along with all of the industry’s most impactful tools (from letterpress and the Pocket Pal, to desktop publishing), accurately associated with Romano over his 54-year career. The artwork features Frank’s image in the lower left quarter which symbolizes his early work in photography, all the way to today’s CYMK colour. The artwork was conceived and designed by Tom Zotos and reproduced digitally by COO Kevin Ruttan of Kirkwood.

“To have met Frank through Scodix, a groundbreaking print technology that we both enthusiastically endorse, has truly been a highlight of my career,” says Zotos, mentioning, “Few icons are as visible, cherished, and valuable to their industries as Frank Romano is to the printing community. Not only is his wealth of knowledge and understanding unmatched, but his willingness to teach and promote print technologies and applications has been appreciated by generations around the world.

A meeting of the minds…

“Our meeting was meant to be a sharing of how I’ve rejuvenated my passion for printing through my work with Scodix and their new print enhancement technologies,” conveys Romano, adding, “As fellow Bostonians and art lovers, Tom and I learned that we share a fascination with this new science, enabling users to develop crisper and more high-definition messaging imagery that gets us even closer to lifelike, while remaining in a 2-D realm. Scodix’s tools enable us to break away from typical print limitations and offer our audiences a 3-D feel that touches our senses beyond sight. It gives my craft of collectible art, as well as those in packaging, POP, and promotional signage, a look and feel that recaptures our imaginations and broadens our creative horizons.”

The leading provider of digital print enhancements for the graphic arts industry, Scodix Ltd is offering the breakthrough Scodix SENSE experience and the Scodix Rainbow Station in the Americas, Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Africa. With their solutions, the company aims to lead print enhancement into the digital age and to be known for its passion and commitment to providing what the customers need the most – true brand differentiation for today’s highly competitive printing environment.

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