Heidelberg loses the goodwill cricket match to Rave India

In the Rave-Heidelberg League 2012, a friendly T-20 cricket match between Rave India and Heidelberg India, held in New Delhi on Dec 2012, the team Heidelberg lost the match to the team Rave by 62 runs. On the occasion trophies were given to winners for man of the match, best bowler, best batsman including Shiv Bhatnagar, the captain of winning team Rave India. Heidelberg being the German world leader in printing machine manufacturing and Rave Scan being the leading Indian printer, the programme aimed bringing the positive ripples in the industry and helping to create a perfect ‘oneness’ among them.

Notably, on the occasion of completing sixty years of Indo-German diplomatic relations, a collaborative yearlong celebration titled ‘Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities’ is being held at various cities in India as per the decision from both governments. This programme started in September 2011 and is scheduled to continue until early 2013.With a thematic focus on ‘StadtRäume – CitySpaces’, this programme series across India broaches the implications of rapid urbanisation and challenges posed by the pace of change in German and Indian cities today. Issues like mobility, energy, sustainable urban development, architecture, cultural space, education and urban art are prominently featured, touching genres such as the performing and visual arts, science, education, technology and business.

As an act of following the same theme and honouring their relationships, Heidelberg India and one of their leading customers Rave India took up a humble initiation and decided to host this friendly T-20 cricket match between ‘Team Heidelberg and Team Rave. Undoubtedly, such initiatives help ensure a sustainable, successful, mutually beneficial relationship between the companies, along with strengthening the Indo-German relationship and increase bilateral business. Among other prominent attendees, Rave India’s well wishers and customers including Dreamland and Burda were also present on the occasion.

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