Enriching and feel print with Scodix technologies

Along with their Indian distributor Monotech Systems Ltd, Scodix Ltd, the leading provider of digital print enhancements for the graphic arts industry, organized an open house in Chennai at PM Digitals where Asia’s first Scodix 1200 digital press has been installed. Featuring the in-depth presentations on Scodix technologies and their applications, the event was attended by a number of print buyers apart from major printers of Chennai and other cities. Here is a brief. Offering the breakthrough Scodix SENSE experience and the Scodix Rainbow Station in the Americas, Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Africa, Scodix Ltd aims to lead print enhancement into the digital age and to be known for its passion and commitment to providing what the customers need the most – true brand differentiation for today’s highly competitive printing environment.

During the open house, Amritpal Singh Bawa, national head, Scodix Division – Monotech Systems Ltd pointed out highlighted features of Scodix S - line of products including: Scodix S74 PRO – up to 74 cm, Scodix S74 – up to 74 cm, and Scodix S52 – up to 52 cm; and Scodix Rainbow Station, along with talking about various solutions the world first Digital-Glittering, Inkjet-Braille, Scodix Barcode system, OPA – Scodix patent Optical Print Alignment, Scodix advanced software, Scodix polymer – designed for Scodix presses. About Scodix S Series machines he mentioned that their automatic loading system holds up to 2000 sheets of 135 gsm; as much as 500 kg of paper; automatic media elevator, and closed system. Front loading can handle large, different types of media, including up to 675 gsm papers / 0.7 mm thickness. The printing engine is also equipped with automatic paper alignment system – based on paper positioning.

In his presentation, Lior Meron, VP Asia Pacific of Scodix, “Our mission is to provide Scodix print enhancement to PSP’s and make them highly profitable and successful.” Talking about Scodix customers worldwide presence and sharing their success stories, he mentioned that the upcoming four installations will get us to thirty presses installed. Lior also showed the attendees two possible spin offs from the Rainbow machine, including: the first one is using variety of glittering powders, they can be in different colours and metallic effects; and the second one, is an exciting application of using flocking powder instead of glitter, in order to achieve a velvet like effect, enabling to create beautiful prints that cannot be achieved by any other equipment.

“When the world is changing, the visual attack is overwhelming. In such a phenomenon, we must be different to get attention and attacking another sense is a great way to do it. Our brain takes huge amount of information. Discarding irrelevant information, we remember small fraction. In order to have a good memory, it must be a selective one. So, CMYK now is not enough! In some applications – enrichment is standard. That is what Scodix solutions provide effectively, enabling all to ‘feel print’,” said TP Jain, managing director, Monotech Systems.

Talking about these ‘feel print’ applications of Scodix solutions, Palaniappan Chellappan of PM Digitals said that with these solutions, one can feel print all most any where, having capabilities of single prints - ideal for proofing and wedding albums; multiple prints - small, medium & long runs; instant prints - walk in with the design and walk out with print; variable data - personalized invites, mailers, brochures & certificates; and perfect registration - enables printing of complex designs. “However, most of the substrates can be handled, but the substrates that are absorbent can be used with lamination,” he added.

PM Digitals, a young entrant into digital printing, adopted Scodix 1200 digital press as a first buyer in Asia. In an earlier interaction with P&P, Chellappan conveyed that the Scodix machine is wonderful equipment with highest gloss available for printed materials, ten times higher polymer height for selective varnish, variable density capabilities ranging from 01 to 100 percent.

It supports barcoding and VDP. A standalone solution compatible with offset, laminated sheets. And one can feel the embossing effect without backside crevice.

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