Schobertechnologies offers RSM770-DIGIVARICUT

The development and production of the first Schober rotary die cutting and stacking machines for the production of in-mould labels goes back to 1990 and since then, more than 60 RSM machines have been installed in over 30 countries all around the world. It is now recognized as the most advanced and efficient machine for the production of IML on the market. The web fed VARICUT technology by Schobertechnologies, designed for image sizes of 410 x 820 was introduced to the market during Labelexpo 2015. Meanwhile, a big step has been made in the development and design towards the wide web converting technology. Consequently, the machine portfolio has been extended, after the RSM410-VARICUT and the RSM520-VARICUT, now with the RSM770-DIGI-VARICUT. All of them with a format variability range within 200 mm.

With the RSM770-DIGI-VARICUT, Schobertechnologies has developed a new generation of hybrid drive technology especially designed for digitally printed flexible packaging materials, which combines continuous and vector rotary die cutting technology in re-registration mode, thus a wide range of formats can be processed with a single tool or magnetic cylinder.

With a fully modular design, the RSM770-DIGI-VARICUT is designed to convert webs up to 770 mm width to suit image sizes of 740 x 1100 mm. The handling and stacking of difficult products became much easier, thanks to automation and robotisation: The standard configuration of the RSM770-DIGI-VARICUT includes a high speed, programmable robot-automated stacking and counting system (“Spider”) which combines extreme acceleration, velocity and precision at a continuous web speed of up to 50 m/min.

Specific options:

Stations for micro perforations as well as injection hole die cutting and waste extraction are also available options.

Nested configuration to maximise the use of materials:

The equipment is designed to stack different types of products combined within the same printing image. These can be heavily nested or can be a combination of very large/long and small products. Universal fast interchangeable pick-up plates take up products at synchronized high speed and stack them non-stop into a dual piling cassette system.

Inspection systems:

A 100% product quality control system with defective product discharge is a further option. Due to its advanced design, the newly designed high performance RSM770-DIGI-VARICUT is able to meet the specific demands of the market and new business challenges. Short set-up times with minimum waste and cost-effective cutting technology with maximum lifetime due to micrometric die wear compensation adjustment are additional significant benefits of this converting technology.

Skanem Interlabels enhance their digital printing business with HP Indigo digital press

HP Inc India has installed the HP Indigo WS6800 digital press at Skanem Interlabels in Mumbai. Skanem Interlabels is one of India’s leading labeling solution providers and leader in self-adhesive labels. This would be Skanem Interlabels’ second Indigo press installation from HP Inc. India that will enable them to offer unparalleled and complete digital labeling solutions to their clients.

With the latest HP Indigo WS6800 installation, Skanem Interlabels is all set to not only tap the growing 73 billion dollars market but also double their capacity and offer faster service to their customer with latest features that will help them in saving on their operational cost, thereby increasing profitability for their company. The HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press delivers high productivity, wide versatility, and intelligent color automation which will enable Skanem Interlabels to cater to the self-adhesive labels and also deliver innovative printing solutions to both its global and domestic clients as well.

Speaking on the continued business association with Skanem Interlabels, A Appadurai, country manager, Indigo and Inkjet Web Press, Graphics Solutions Business, HP Inc. India said, “Skanem Interlabels has been one of our most valued partners since 2011 and is known to provide state-of-the-art labelling solutions to their customers across the country. To help them further their growth, we partnered with them to provide our best-in-class HP Indigo WS6800. With its capability for printing variety of labeling and packaging applications, high productivity through higher speed and in line priming units and accurate color management through the inline spectrophotometer, HP Indigo WS6800 will help Skanem Interlabels in catering to challenging requirements of their end customers.”

While, H Venkataraman, managing director, Skanem Interlabels, added, “We have been using HP Indigo WS4500 since 2011 which has been instrumental in helping build Skanem a successful digital business in India. We are sure that the HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press will help us in expanding our digital press capacity to meet our clients demand for consistent high-quality prints for their respective brand campaigns. HP Indigo digital press will help us in addressing newer market segments by offering newer solution to our customer and this will help us in expanding our customer base as well.”

The HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press delivers high productivity by producing up to 30 meters per minute in four colour. The press is a unique solution allowing converters to produce any narrow-format label, flexible packaging, sleeve, IML, wrap-around labels or folding cartons job, with easy and quick changeovers. It supports 12 to 450 micron materials, including standard substrates with in-line priming. The digital press also offers high resolution printing using HP Indigo ElectroInk with minute ink particles, delivers crisp line work, attractive images and smooth vignettes with a very thin ink layer that gives uniform gloss between the ink and substrate.

Catching the ‘Next’ Wave

–PackPlus organizers have a new contemporary name

All shows organised by (P) Ltd will henceforth be organized by Next Events (P) Ltd, a sister organization. Pamex will however continue to be organised by (P) Ltd.

The upcoming shows under Next Events (P) Ltd include :

  • India Packaging Show (IPS 2017) & India Converting Show (ICS 2017): Organized in Hall 6 of Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon from December 18-21, 2017, to be held concurrently with Pamex 2017.
  • PackPlus South 2018: The southern version of PackPlus will be organized from March 9-12, 2018 at Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad. The show will be concurrently organized with SupplyPlus South 2018.
  • Print Fair 2018: the commercial printing, package converting and digital sign show will happen simultaneously with Pack Plus South and co-organized by the Telangana Offset Printers’ Association (TOPA) and Next Events (P) Ltd from 9-12 March 2018 at Hyderabad.
  • PackPlus 2018: the total packaging, processing & supply chain event: Spread across Hall 7-12A of Pragati Maidan, PackPlus 2018 will be organized from July 25-28, 2018. CartonTech, Supply Plus, PackSol and the International Packaging Conclave will be organised concurrently with PackPlus 2018.

“We consciously track the latest trends and advances in the industries that we serve to hone our focus in the exhibitions and conferences that we organise. We also use the latest techniques and technologies to help our exhibitors and visitors get the maximum value from our events. As we help all stakeholders to “catch the next wave,” a new contemporary and appropriate name was needed that reflected our philosophy. Next Events is that name,” said Anil Arora, president, Next Events (P) Ltd.

Harveen Sahni of Weldon honoured

At the recently concluded LMAI labels conference at Agra, Harveer Sahni, chairman, Weldon Celloplast Ltd was honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award in support to the Indian label industry.

Fujifilm’s solutions for labels and packaging

Flenex FW is a high quality, water-washable flexo plate allowing label converters to improve the simplicity and efficiency of flexo plate production. With this, Fujifilm is in an excellent position to offer high quality solutions for sample and prototype making, along with shorter run label and packaging production applications. The Indian print market has evolved significantly over the last 10 years, both in terms of customer demand and available print technologies. While downward trends have been common for many commercial print applications, printed labels and packaging continue to see growth. From a brand owner perspective, the drive is to improve product visibility and shelf appeal in stores, while minimising operational costs and maximising production efficiencies. For label converters, this demand is driving the adoption of new technologies, particularly in the flexo process, the predominant technology in Europe for label conversion.

Fujifilm’s expertise in the label and packaging market is diverse, with the company already a major supplier of aluminium plates to offset packaging printers and UV ink to narrow web label converters. The company’s infrastructure is therefore built around offering exceptional service for critical consumables purchases. For label converters in particular, Fujifilm offers a comprehensive range of inks and associated products under the brand name ‘Sericol UVivid’ that is designed to maximise throughput and simplify label production. Whether it is simplifying the process of colour matching or reducing the cost of a more expensive production method, the right ink can have a major impact on the printing of a high quality label. And with a high density white ink within the Sericol UVivid range, Fujifilm is well placed to add value to any label production process.

Fujifilm’s high quality, water-washable flexo plate allows label converters to improve the simplicity and efficiency of flexo plate production. In addition, Fujifilm’s emerging inkjet portfolio means the company is also in an excellent position to offer high quality solutions for sample and prototype making, along with shorter run label and packaging production applications.

Flenex FW water-washable plates

Flenex FW is a water-washable flexo plate that provides the highest print quality and productivity, while significantly lowering the cost-in-use compared to thermal, solvent or other water-wash plate technologies. The key benefits of Flenex FW water-washable plates are:

  • Total platemaking time under 40 minutes.
  • Highest flexo quality (200lpi, 1% process dot), depending on the conditions.
  • More output per shift for class-leading productivity.

SM RamprasadSM Ramprasad, AVP – Graphics Arts Division, Fujifilm India, says, “We strive to understand our customer’s business goals, both short and long term, focus on their needs, and then provide the most Fujifilm solutions that will add value to their business. Flenex FW are water-washable plates that answer the call of efficiency. This product not only addresses quality needs of the customer but also facilitates immense resource saving for a converter compared to thermal, solvent, or other water-wash technology.”

Technology overview: Flenex FW photopolymer plates contain a special rubber-based compound that offers a number of inherent advantages over other elastomeric materials from which most other flexo plates are made. In particular, rubber is not oxygen sensitive, which minimises the effect oxygen in the air, has on the dot shape and the complexity of the system to eliminate oxygen from the plate production process. The other advantages of a rubber-based plate material include reduced dot gain, better ink transfer for cleaner and brighter print results, faster exposure and washout times, much more durable, mild washout with water and dishwasher soap and reduced plate swell.

Compatibility: Flenex FW plates are compatible with leading Flexo LAM CtP devices such as Screen PlateRite FX, Esko CDI and Xeikon ThermoflexX Series as well as with the main water wash processors in the industry. Both the analogue and digital versions of Flenex FW can be used with any UV, water-based or solvent-based inks.

High quality print: The Flenex FW water-washable plate system does far more than simply eliminate the need for solvents and wicking cloths. It delivers longer runs while producing a consistent 200lpi at 4,400dpi, 1% process dot structure for superb high quality print, depending on the conditions.

Flat top dot structure: The rubber-based compound means a 1% flat top dot can be achieved without complex systems to eliminate oxygen, and results in lower dot gain. In addition, better ink transfer produces noticeably cleaner and brighter print results.

Higher productivity: Flenex FW water-washable plates reduce platemaking processing times to less than 40 minutes, 300% faster than leading solvent systems and 1.5 times faster than current thermal and water-wash technologies. Faster platemaking means more time on press and a dramatic increase in output per shift, freeing you to redeploy labour to more value-added activities. Typical benefits include increase in number of plates produced, faster job turnaround, maximise press time and lower labour costs or opportunity to redeploy.

Lower cost-in-use: Because of the simplicity of Flenex FW plate processing, the expense of higher-cost solvent and thermal processors as well as upcharges on associated consumables is avoided. The Flenex FW system therefore represents the lowest cost in use for the production of flexo plates.

More durable: Flenex FW is proven to deliver significant improvements in plate durability and reductions in plate swell, thanks to its unique technology. This means each plate is able to perform longer on press than competitive plates. This increases overall press uptime and results in longer print runs and greater overall profitability.

Less impact on the environment: The processing of Flenex FW plates is accomplished with only a mild detergent. Not working with solvents is a huge benefit from a health and safety perspective.

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