QuadTech and Gallus partner to offer autom ated colour control and producti vity benefits

Utilising QuadTech technology, Gallus customers can now quicken make-ready and offer ultimate print quality and productivity, with in-line colour management. QuadTech has partnered with the Gallus Group (St. Gallen, Switzerland), to provide QuadTech closed-loop colour control and colour measurement systems for its offset, flexo and gravure presses. The ability to control colour on problematic substrates such as films has been a significant objective for the printing industry. QuadTech has been able to solve this, by utilising its web stabiliser to remove common issues of web movement and substrate corrugation. The QuadTech web stabiliser measures substrates over a certified BCRA ceramic tile, for a constant known backing, and momentarily stabilises a small surface area of the substrate with a high pressure vacuum. QuadTech introduced the technology to the Gallus’s worldwide sales force during the world sales meeting and will showcase the SpectralCam systems at Gallus Innovation Days, September 23-25, 2014.

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